6 of the BEST Summer Fragrances 2022.

the best fragrances for women 2022

I love switching up my go-to fragrances seasonally. There’s something about the change of weather, warmth and clothing that makes me reach for different fragrances over the changing times of the year. I think in the summer time we often want fresher, fruitier, floral and perhaps livelier fragrances. I know I do.

Here are 6 of my go-to summer scents. Fresh, lively, florals, energising, bright, breezy and sparkling!

the best fragrances for women 2022 the best fragrances for women 2022

the best fragrances for women 2022

Gucci Flora.

A joyful floral signature scent. Modern, pretty and fresh. 

The Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia is a modern and beautiful scent : it’s feminine, floral and playful. I find gardenia such a lovely scent and this has a perfect balance to it so it’s not too sweet or over-powering as some florals can be. 

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Diptyque Eau Des Sens.

Fresh, summer, bitter orange.

I knew I had to have this before I even smelt it :  an ode to the orange tree! I am a big fan of orange blossom, neroli and all things orange tbh so this is a winner for me. It is an interesting composition that creates a sense of mystery. It caresses the skin like an indulgent treat, awakening you with its freshness. Eau des Sens owes its originality to the very idea behind its creation: bringing together all the dimensions of bitter orange tree, its branches, leaves and fruit.

Key notes of Orange Blossom, Angelica root, Patchouli.

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the best fragrances for women 2022

Jo Loves Pomelo.

Enlivening citrus and grapefruit.

I make no secret that I am not the biggest fan of Jo Malone fragrances. Jo Loves? Gimme. This is *the* signature scent of Jo Malone’s fragrance range ‘Jo Loves’, a completely seperate entirety to ‘Jo Malone’ the brand fyi. I find these scents more curious, interesting and of course…not as common! Pomelo is a bright and energising scent :  think beaches, summer days, fresh mornings and joy!

The scent of fresh grass is the perfect way to welcome in the warmer months and bring back memories of holidays during the colder ones. Grapefruit aromas add a depth and richness to this scent without weighing it down, and vetiver adds a hint of forest, fields, and an alluring, natural complexity. A clean-cut, elegant fragrance that can be worn anywhere.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino.

*THE* Summer Scent of dreams.

I seem to always include this in my summer scent selection. It’s the just the perfect summer scent to me and it’s one that never fails me! When I spritz these on, I am transported to Almafi and I am instantly a bit more glamourous and rich (100% in my mind). This iconic perfume captures the cool breeze, sparkling turquoise coastlines and rich foliage of the Riviera.

Top Notes: Italian Bergamot, Winter Yellow Mandarin, Sicilian Lemon.
Heart Notes: Tunisian Neroli, Orange Flower, Lavender.
Base Notes: Amber, Rosemary.

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the best fragrances for women 2022

Maison Francis Kurkdijan Petit Matin.

A re-discovered favourite. I am wearing this SO much at the moment : it’s probably my most-worn fragrance of summer 2022 and such an uplifting and addictive scent. It’s not your normal citrus go-to. It’s way more interesting and has layers that keep bursting out to enliven your senses. I love this a lot. Maison Francis Kurkdijan is a fragrance brand I discovered well over 12 years ago and it’s been thrust into the limelight by the infamous Baccarat Rouge 540 but honestly, scratch beneath the surface….there is way more to MFK fragrances than this one!

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Acqua Di Parma Rosa Nobile.

Celebrating the queen of flowers : the rose!

I have worn this fragrance on and off for over 10 years : it’s really very pretty. I love rose in fragrances, but a slightly sweeter rose (some I find can be a little green and bitter) and this hits the nails on the head. Crafted from precious Centifolia rose buds, the Rosa Nobile scent opens with soft and vibrant notes of Sicilian mandarin, Calabrian bergamot and pepper. At the heart of this eau de parfum for women, intense and velvety accents of peony, violet and lily of the valley come together with the enveloping richness of the rose while the base is rounded by cedar wood, ambergris and musk.

A true iconic rose fragrance. 

the best fragrances for women 2022 the best fragrances for women 2022

I’m sure there will be another few gracing my dressing table over the next few weeks : I’m forever changing and switching up my fragrances. I love chatting all things perfume-related so if you have any must-haves or favourites then please do share!

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