Syrene Skincare launches in the UK!

syrene skincare

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New Zealand skincare range, Syrene has just launched onto Look Fantastic here in the UK so I wanted to introduce it to you and have a quick chat about the brand and my first impressions.

As soon as I received a couple of the products to try, I was drawn to it and really intrigued. The packaging is very simple, clean and minimal. I like it. I have tried only 2 of the products but both have been pretty darn lovely and I am very keen to try more from them.

It’s a nice, concise line of skincare and it’s all about using the power of the sea to give you a sensory and enjoyable skincare experience. They believe in really taking that moment to pamper and nurture with skincare and use it as a time to re-charge and boost your confidence. It’s quite ‘woo-woo’ but I’m not adverse to that. Anything that promoted self-care and taking time to yourself has my vote.

Let’s look a little more into the story behind Syrene skincare…

syrene skincare aqualight moisture gel lotionsyrene skincare aqualight moisture mask


Syrene is consciously formulated skincare range that uses the power of the sea and nature to deliver a skincare ritual that emphasises nurturing, self care and of course, restoring your skin.

They have developed each product to celebrate purity in authenticity. From the efficacy of the marine and botanically sourced formulas, to the integrity of the repurposed Ocean Waste Plastic used in the simple, sleep blue packaging, every step  is purposefully taken to share the incredible benefits of nature’s skin quenching nutrients with greatest respect for our planet.

“Syrene is a woman of substance, she’s fierce and adventurous, with a vitality that radiates to support the women around her. Our goal is to inspire each woman to seize the moment every single day, to clear the space for essential self-care and always, to feel comfortable in her skin. There is only now, create your calm, make your mark and do it beautifully.”


Syrene skincare do a refined regime of products. They have 1 cleanser, 1 toner, 1 eye cream, 2 moisturisers and 2 masks.

From what I have tried and what I am gauging…’s a nice hydration, soothing and nourishing range of skincare. They use marine botanicals, antioxidants and plant extracts. There is no ‘strong’ or super actives in the range. I don’t mind this either as these kind of products are what I would mix in with my stronger treatments – I love a soothing cream, and sometimes…..hey I like simple!

The Syrene Aqua Hydrating Masque is an overnight treatment you can use a few times a week to give your skin a burst of hydration. It is a nice gel texture, it sinks into the skin quickly and smells fresh and pleasent. It contains marine collagen and manuka honey so it’s a great soothing, anti-inflammatory and hydrating treat for the skin. It’s also in a HUGE 100ml tub so this should last you a sweet time.

The Syrene Aqualight Moisture Gel Lotion is a very fresh and simple hydrating lotion. It leaves a light veil of hydration on your skin, is packed with antioxidants and restores the skin’s balance and supports barrier function. This gel also contains marine collagen to hydrate an soothe and manuka honey which brings antibacterial properties to the table. Perfect for summer, oily-combination and breakout skins and a great lightweight base to use under makeup. I’m a big fan of this! It’s also in a 100ml size which is double the typical amount for a moisturiser.


It’s higher end but not ridiculous. Prices for full-size skincare range from £58 to £70.  I also really like the fact they do a lot of mini’s and sets to try out the range before you indulge in the full-sizes. These prices start at just £14. Something I wish more / all brands did.

If you want a little taster of the brand then something like the Syrene Aqua Travel Companion Set (£75)may be a good place to start. This has all the products but in travel sizes to give you an overview and try out all the products.

syrene skincare syrene skincare aqua hydrating mask

Unfortunately my Look Discount code doesn’t work against Syrene skincare at the moment (it doesn’t against newer brands and launches!) but if you are perusing anything else then use code LAURA_LF for 20% off.

In summary, it’s a simple and easy nourishing skincare line. Nothing ground-breaking in terms of ingredients BUT it’s a great range for those who want something like this and perhaps not too fancy. It’s is dermatologist-tested, cruelty-free, 100% natural fragrance.

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