Beauty News! Glossier Launch Solar Paint Bronzing Creams.

Glossier Solar Paint Bronzing Cream

This has been all over my socials the last week or so and I’m pretty excited…and more so to try these. Glossier have been bringing out some great bits lately and I just feel myself drawn to absolutely everything?! Want it all.

I’m a big fan of the cloud paints and recently purchased the Futuredew after many months of trying not to and it’s as incredible as everyone had told me. Nothing has disappointed thus far. The new Glossier Solar Paint Bronzing creams are described as ‘Instant summer skin’ and come in the form of a weightless bronzer designed to capture the warm glow you get from spending a day in the sunshine.

Glossier Solar Paint Bronzing Cream

Glossier are promising that natural tanned look: ‘We wanted skin to look like it was actually kissed by the sun: each shade has a touch of luminosity from light-reflecting pearls and a thoughtful balance of warmth and dimension (so your bronzer looks just as natural in broad daylight as it does in your bathroom mirror)’

The formula is described as a whipped gel crème and is infused with Desert Milk™ (a micro-emulsion of plant oils and extracts like Jojoba and Aloe) to condition and nourish, and has a natural-effect finish that blends seamlessly with the heat of your fingers. 

It has a cute doe foot applicator to ensure your bronzer ends up in all the places the sun would naturally hit and a little apparently goes a long way so start off with a few dots (a la Cloud Paint!) and work it in and build up from there.

The 4 Shades are:

FLARE : a light neutral bronze with gold pearl for fair-light skin tones.

RAY : a medium warm bronze with gold pearl for light-medium skin tones

HEAT : a rich, brown-bronze with gold pearl for tan-deep skin tones

VOLT : a deep red bronze with copper pearl for deep-rich skin tones

Glossier Solar Paint Bronzing Cream

I cannot wait to try these, I think by the sound of them and from what I have seen they may be similar to one of my favourite bronzing cream/gel formulas which is the Bareminerals as this has a touch of pearl sheen too….but not too much and it looks incredible on the skin!

I think cream formulas for both bronzer and blusher have become more favourable over the last few years as more natural makeup bases have become more of the norm. They are definitely preferable over a lighter base and of course, the ease at which you can dab and blend these in so quickly! Perfect for the summer.

Glossier Solar Paint Bronzing Cream

These are available now from and cost £17. I am ordering RAY pronto!

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