2020 Christmas Gift Guide for Haircare Heroes.

haircare gift ideas

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OK. PHEW. This is my LAST Christmas gift guide going up of 2020. We are done! If you are anything like me, and a last-minute shopper you may still be scouring the internet for some ideas and inspiration. There is still time to shop online and most shops are still sending out in time for a Christmas delivery but DO double check this when you order.

Here, I’m chatting about a few hair heroes and accessories that may be that perfect gift for that person who is constantly styling, dying, treating and fluffing their hair. My picks have a price range from £9 to £55 so these could be a little last-minute stocking filler or something big and main under that sparkly Christmas tree.

haircare gift ideas

Lily England Rose Gold Deluxe Hairdryer (£34.99) This is a super pretty and affordable hair dryer for basic styling and drying. I think it could be a great gift as a lot of people, myself including, never buy a new hairdryer until their’s goes kaput. It has 3 heat settings, 2 speed settings and is 1800 watts. I love the rise gold on white and I think it looks a lot more pricey than it is.

Lily England Rose Gold Deluxe Curling Tongs (£29.99) Again, I think this looks super pretty and luxe and such a great price! This ensures long-lasting, bouncy curls and has an adjustable temperature to suit all hair types (go lower the finer your hair is or the softer the curl you want) and it is a ceramic coated barrel to help keep the hair smooth and frizz-free.

lily england rose gold aquis hair turban

Aquis Hair Turban (£30) I have heard nothing but incredible things about these! Designed to minimise friction and breakage during the drying process (when hair is wet and vulnerable), the ultra-absorbent hair turban is woven from ultra-fine fibres (thinner than silk) and utilises AQUITEX drying technology to wick away water 5x faster than cotton to protect your tresses. Wet hair is prone to breakage and stress; to help combat this, the friction-free fabric gently dries without rubbing to minimise frizz and snapping.

Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream (£54.50) One of the must luxurious haircare brands out there and I absolutely love his styling products with this being my go-to over the years. It’s pricey AF but one tube of this lasts me about 1 year, maybe more. This rich cream is a nourishing leave-in conditioner for frizzy and unmanageable hair. It enhances shine and restores hair to its former glory. Wheat amino acids help to retain moisture, while the Oribe Signature Complex of watermelon, lychee and edelweiss flower extracts protects hair from drying, environmental damage and deterioration of natural keratin.

Umberto Giannini Hair Mask (£9.25) Any of them! Select the one suited to the hair type (they do a whole bunch)…they are all fabulous. At the moment I am using the Curl Magic one as I got this in an advent and it’s beautiful and I’m embracing my natural curly hair a lot more this year. I think Umberto are one of the best affordable, high street haircare brands and they do so many great hero products for me.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day (PHD) Dry Shampoo (£18) I treated maself to this recently and it’s one of THE best dry shampoo’s I have EVER used. It’s just so lightweight and invisible but really does a great job of re-freshing, re-plumping and enlivening the hair.

umberto giannini curl mask haircare gift ideas

Umberto Giannini Flowerology Hair Colour Masks (£9.25) I’ve been SO lucky to work with Umberto for the launch of these incredible colour masks and I’m still using them weekly to top up and nourish my hair. My favourite shade is possibly the Sweet Violet. A great gift for anyone with mid brown to blonde hair who wants to have some temporary colour fun with their hair. They are 97% natural formulas that contain nourishing ingredients including Coconut Oil and Chamomile Flower Oil to moisturise and smooth hair, harnessing a shiny and naturally radiant finish.

Wet Brush Original Detangler (£12.99) I have used this as my main hairbrush for like 5 years now! I have them on rotation and they are so good! They are particularly good if you struggle getting a normal hairbrush through your locks and as the name suggests you can also use it through wet hair to de-tangle and smooth. I don’t get tangly hair but I still love them!

Christophe Robin Multi Purpose Balm (£30) This handy little balm can be used anywhere and everywhere : hair to soften and smooth, body to hydrate and nourish dry patches, lips, brows…wherever you need some hydration and glow! It contains pricky pear oil, 99% natural butters and a blend of rice bran, almond and cocoa oils for ultimate protection, the formula hydrates, protects and nourishes from head to toe.

wet brush original detangler

Can you spot any products here you may like to receive from Santa this year!? I think a safe bet and a great and easy present it a nice, nourishing and pampering hair mask….the Wet Brush is another thing that literally anyone and everyone will love and use!