An Introduction to WAKE Skincare.

*This post contains press samples*

Hello all! I hope you are having are lovely weekend and managing to adjust to the new Lockdown 2.0. I wanted to share with you my thoughts about WAKE skincare which is a brand I was introduced to about 5 months ago and have been dipping in and out the products and in summary it’s easy, functional skincare.

“Skincare for a generation connected

WAKE skincare has been created for an by the modern generation of people who are constantly on-the-go, glued to screens, phones and working long hours. Simple, easy, no-fuss skincare for men or women and a line of just 3 products for most skin types.

They currently do a Face Cream, Eye Gel and a Face Mask.  The face cream is a really lightweight and cooling gel consistency that is great for simply giving your skin an awakening and hydrating boost. It’s simple in the ingredients, this isn’t going to be particularly active or reverse the sign of ageing but it will give your skin nourishment and soothing benefits. Also great for sensitive skin types.

The Eye Gel is a lovely and lightweight texture that sinks in quickly and is cooling and soothing and great for tired and over-worked eyes. It contains ingredients such as aloe vera, cucumber extract, Vitamin E, antioxidants and witch hazel and is great if you are after something for puffiness and bags! It’s lovely in the AM and sits well under makeup. 

Last up is my favourite product ; the Face Mask. This is a pink clay-based mask that is great for deep-cleansing and drawing out impurities from the skin. It leaves my skin soft and feeling super clean and gorgeous. I have always loved a kaolin clay mask an sometimes when my skin just feels a bit overloaded and greasy…it’s what I love to use.

The prices are really reasonable and affordable with the face cream costing £19.95, the eye gel £16.95 and the face mask is £22.95.

In summary, WAKE skincare is a really great skincare range if you are just stepping into using skincare, you don’t like too many actives and like to keep it low maintenance and easy. It’s not a clinical or anti-ageing brand as such…..they seem to focus more on instant gratification, texture and soothing. I feel like a lot of men will like this as it’s ‘easy’ and straight forward skincare and my husband absolutely loves it! 

For every product sold, WAKE skincare donate to Women’s Aid, which is a charity to help victims of domestic violence. They donate 5% of their net profits to this charity and do regular charitable events throughout the year which is absolutely fantastic.

Have you heard of Wake Skincare yet? You can shop the range HERE.