Kate Somerville Delikate Recovery Range.

Kate Somerville Delikate range review

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Kate Somerville is a brand I have used for so many years ; The Exfolikate was one of my first *proper* exfoliators and I started using this way back when when it first made it’s appearance here in the UK maybe 9 years ago. Over the years I have used various cleansers, serums and treatments from the range and I was really intrigued to try the new Kate Somerville Delikate skincare range

Lockdown skin has been kinda wild for me. It’s been super up and down (perhaps with the emotions!) and I’ve found myself needing different skincare on a day-to-day basis. What I have noticed over the last couple of months, particularly with *those* crazy heatwaves we had here in the UK….and the next minute thunder, lightning and gale force winds….is that my skin has been noticeably a little more reactive and tight. I’m naturally combination on my skin so any given day it can go from oily to dehydrated and red pretty darn quick.

The Kate Somerville Delikate range has been clinically formulated to soothe tired, stressed and delicate skin. If you’ve had a reaction, something adverse has happened causing your skin to go a little wild, redness, extreme flakiness…just *those* days when you need a little bit of love and soothing. It’s not anti-ageing, it’s not going to brighten or reduce wrinkles….it’s simply going to CALM.

The Delikate range is not something I would use day-to-day, all year round as my skin doesn’t always need this, however these kind of products are always handy to have to-hand for when your skin does need some extra help. Skincare *emergencies* so to speak! This is to go in your skincare medical cabinet…if there’s even such a thing?!

Delikate Soothing Cleanser.

This is a clinical-recovery cleanser that has been formulated to soothe, reduce redness and irritation, burning, itching, tightness and solve any woes that your skin may have. It is a lightweight and non-stripping and will help maintain the skin’s barrier as it gently cleanses.

It is a milk consistency and can be used all over the face including the eye area and you use it onto a wet skin and just massage it in and rinse off. It will remove makeup etc and can be used on it’s own or as part of your 2-step cleanse.

Kate uses it in the clinic on post-peel skin. This is a really good cleanser simply to have in the stash for when your skin is reactive, sore of just needs a touch of TLC. It won’t overstimulate the skin or leave it feeling stripped. It’s fragrance-free, suphate-free, paraben-free and contains no mineral oil.

A lot of people will compare this to the infamous Goatmilk cleanser. The difference between the two is that the Goatmilk is deeply nourishing and hydrating and is perfect for a typically dry/dehydrated/flaky skin. The Delikate cleanser is for irritation and calming. Sensitive skins may use either.

kate somerville delikate soothing cleanser review

Delikate Recovery Cream.

‘It puts the fire out’! This is a clinical recovery cream that will help give you relief and comfort when your skin is sore, sensitised and reactive. It contains a unique peptide that helps with inflammation and then ceramides to help build the skin barrier back up and allow your skin to recover.

It has a really thick, balmy texture when you dip into it, but absorbs into the skin really well and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky or overloaded. It leaves my skin simply feeling comfortable and cocooned. I have been using this quite a lot as an evening/ overnight cream maybe twice a week when my skin is a little in need of some deep nourishment and nothing too active. This will also work well alongside using Retinols, at home acid treatments etc as we can all over-do it from time-to-time!

The Recovery Cream can be used AM/PM and as and when you need it.

Kate Somerville Delikate range review

There is also a Delikate Recovery Serum in this range which I am yet to try. This is simply a concentrate to work with the above and to layer under the cream to help with that recovery.

Key ingredients in the Delikate Recovery range include :

  • A unique peptides to help with inflammation
  • 3 ceramides to help repair the skin carrier
  • Ginger root extract to help ease redness
  • Cucumber seed oil to calm and soothe
  • Soybean extract to reduce inflammation

The Cleanser costs £33, the recovery Cream £69 and the Recovery Serum £70.

Kate Somerville Delikate range review

I think this is a great recovery range and I love how it has been working on my skin. Kate Somerville skincare is available online, in Space NK and Cult Beauty.

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