My Top 5 Lightweight Bases with SPF Protection.

the best lightweight foundation with SPF protection*this post contains press samples and affiliate links*

If there’s a time where we need those lightweight SPF bases, tints, BB’s, CC’s and the rest…’s NOW!

Phew….what is with the UK summer. I don’t know why but the heat and humidity here is just not the one. On holiday, I think we can handle it as we are no further than 15 inches from a pool or the sea with an iced cocktail in-hand. However, sitting @ home, doing the out-and-about when it’s this kind of weather (30 + degrees, close, humid and sticky) you need your makeup to be feeling lightweight, giving you that hit of SPF protection and to not worry about it too much.

Lightweight tends to be a good option if you feel comfortable with it….simply because you don’t have to worry so much about creasing, clumping, sliding off to reveal patches and feeling a bit gross and icky. I always recommend to go as lightweight as you are comfortable with in the summer months.

I KNOW lightweight isn’t suitable for all : some peeps still yearn for that full coverage that will stay on through thick and thin simply because they feel self-conscious without, have skin they feel needs a little more ‘help’ or want to look flawless for holiday poolside, festivals and daytime parties. Well, luckily for you I used to have severe acne, I have you covered in one of my next posts dedicated on full coverage foundation for humidity and heat!

the best lightweight foundation with SPF protection

My Top 5 lightweight bases with SPF Protection:

Bareminerals Complexion Rescue SPF30. This unique formula combines skincare, pigment and SPF protection. It has is an oil-free formula and is water-based and has been proven to boost skin’s hydration by 215% in just one week. This has a lovely gel-like texture and blends into the skin really easily and has a super lightweight feel. Also, this has a great shade selection with 20 flexible shades to choose from.

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ illumination SPF50. Probably the heaviest of these base products in terms of coverage. The infamous IT CC creams are pretty darn incredible and they do 3 formulas to suit different skin types (if you haven’t check out my post here which compares all 3 to see which is the best fit for you!). I find the illuminating one the lightest coverage although it’s still the heaviest out of my picks here. It’s definitely creeping into foundation territory.

Trinny London BFF Skin Perfector SPF30. We love Trinny and this is a super lightweight and sheer base product. This is one that comes out white and then transforms onto your skin and seems to just melt in. This is one of the lighter bases that I own in terms of coverage but it’s perfect for good skin day and seems to give a really wonderful glow and healthy finish to my skin.

Erborian CC High Definition Radiance Cream SPF25 . I’ve used this for many, many years and it’s one of my faves that I don’t talk about enough. Erborian are one of the OG’s of BB /CC creams and they do them pretty darn well! This is one, similar to the Trinny, that comes out completely white-looking but once applied and blended onto the skin, the encapsulated pigments adapt to your skin and it transforms into a wonderful base. Contains lots of skincare ingredients alongside the lightweight coverage and leaves a lovely radiant glow on the skin.

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Bourjois City Radiance Healthy Glow SPF30. So sad to see this going! Come back ! This I picked up only a few months ago so you may still be lucky and find them in some Boots stores. This is a lightweight foundation, has great hydration and leaves my skin looking second-skin like and natural and I sometimes struggle to get this kind of finish from budget brands. Would love to know your favourite budget lightweight / BB / CC especially if I can’t re-purchase this again!

Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturiser SPF15. This is one of the most beautiful second-skin tinted moisturisers there is. It feels like a real skincare treat on your skin, not just a makeup. It has quite a thick texture but seemingly melts into the skin and feels really comfortable and always makes skin look great. I find this works incredibly on a dry and/or mature skin that needs a little lift and glow and I make sure to carry these in my kit at all times. Definitely up in the high-end and more expensive category (£68!) but a lovely option if you can’t find *that* base which sits nicely on your skin and truly gives you that second-skin finish (but with coverage!) that we all crave.

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the best lightweight foundation with SPF protection the best lightweight foundation with SPF protection

The shades of my 6 bases are all a little different as these are the ones I tend to use all year round and seasonally my skin switches up a bit and obviously in summer I have a bit more of a tan. I think the Trinny and the Bareminerals have the sheerest of the coverages, the Chantecaille ‘feels’ the thickest but applies very naturally and the fullest coverage of my picks will be the IT CC illuminating. I always say this is more foundation territory than your typical CC cream so this could be an option if you want something that feels like but gives a bit more coverage.

Let’s talk SPF in makeup and there are some wild myths out there.

Layering up SPF’s (say you have 30 in your makeup and 30 in your primer) doesn’t equate to SPF 60. you still have SPF 30 on. No SPF’s will cancel each other out so layer away all you want. The thing with SPF in makeup and why it’s a bit of a grey area to some is the straight up fact that you have to re-apply SPF throughout the day to keep you protected…and not many of us are carrying around our tinted moisturiser in our bags to re-apply are we?!

If you are using SPF in your makeup then that’s great but make sure you are topping up your SPF during the day and especially if you are outside in the sun. I like a spray SPF over makeup so you don’t have to disrupt anything and it’s quick and easy. Some of my favourite ‘over makeup’ SPF’s are the La Roche Posay Anthelios face mist SPF50 , and the PIXI Sun mist SPF30. Psssst you can get 15% off with code LAURA_LF on both of these on LookFantastic.

Have you used any of these I have mentioned? Would love to know what you reach for when you want a nice lightweight foundation with SPF protection….let me know!

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