Gentle Hand Washing for Sensitive Hands.

Handwashing. A hot topic for obvious reasons, and today I wanted to chat a little bit about why our hands may be feeling more sore and dry than ever and a couple of my favourite products to help soothe and nourish those who have sensitive hands.

My hands, along with I think everyone else’s are being washed more than ever at the moment. Yes, yes I did wash my hands before, but when it goes from a few times a day to around 10+ then it can really wreak havoc on your skin. Breaking news : water can actually REALLY dry out the skin. Excess water removes the lipids on the surface of your skin hence why we are all getting sore, dry hands.

Using hand washes that are a little more gentle and less-stripping can really help if you are finding you are getting red, sore and peeling which I was initially. I get really bad dry skin around my nails and cuticles and I end up with quite literally bleeding fingertips and rashes on my hands.

I have recently switched up to using the MOR Lychee hand & body wash which has been A LOT better on my hands and I’ve noticed a difference in the last couple of weeks since I slung it on my kitchen sink for relentless hand washing. Not only is it a ginormous 500ml size which is going to see me through a good few months, but it smells incredible and has Jojoba oils, Aloe Vera juice & Vitamin E to ensure the hands are cared for after whilst you are blitzing them under the taps all day every day.

When you are washing it feels just softer and more moisturising ; such a noticeable difference from the more budget ones I have been using. If you haven’t had any problems, then absolutely stick with what you know and have been using but if like me, your hands have been painful with dryness then maybe look into investing a little more into your hand care.

For afters : THE best hand cream I think I’ve ever used and such a treat for dry, chapped hands is the infamous Jurlique Rose hand cream.

I’ve used this for over 10 years now…..since when it used to come in that hard-to-eek-out-the-last-drop metal packaging if you remember it from all those years ago?! It is a really sumptuous and rich cream but honestly doesn’t have that  greasy, tacky feeling afterwards which I personally cannot stand. It absorbs in beautifully, treats your hands, soothes and softens. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better hand cream.

The rose hand cream contains safflower seed oil and almond oils to soothe the skin and providing long-lasting hydration. It has the signature rose scent that isn’t too overpowering and I absolutely love it.

No, Hilda would not move aside for my pretty sink photo. I’d love to know how your hands have been coping with the extra washing, maybe you’ve seen no difference at all? Let me know your thoughts and if you’ve tried either of these gorgeous hand products.

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