By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Foundation SFP30 Review : Before, After and Wear Test.

by terry hyaluronic hydra foundation spf30 reviewFor me, By Terry is a brand known for their Baume de Rose and their incredible bases. I absolutely love their CC Lumi Serums, their Light Expert foundations and I was super intrigued when they launched their next new main-line foundation since the much-loved Densillis from quite some years ago.

By Terry are a high-end luxury brand. Their formulations are innovative, their approach to make-up is a breath of fresh air, the packaging ; all-out-luxe and the price point reflects all of the above. For me, it’s a brand that I pick and choose what I invest it and whats worth the buck for me personally.

Their newest foundation to hit the stands is the Hyaluronic Hydra-Foundation SPF30* and it’s been quite hyped up and done the rounds of late. I was SUPER lucky to be sent a couple of the shades to try out and recently did an IGTV video where I did my first try on and wear test and first impressions. If you want to see that, how it applies IRL etc then head over to my Instagram and the short 5-minute video is in my IGTV section.

Since then, I’ve had more time to try it out and give it a few wears, with different bases and I wanted to give you my review of the foundation after 2 weeks of use.

The Blurb : 

‘Work towards a flawless finish with the By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Foundation, a skincare-infused complexion makeup that is available in 15 flattering shades and ideal for all skin types.

With a weightless liquid texture, the By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Foundation can be easily built up to the required coverage, from sheer to full. Infused with skin-quenching hyaluronic acid, it provides an intense burst of hydration to help plump the skin. With an SPF factor of 30, it provides daily protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The innovative formula works to control shine and creates a second-skin effect with auto-adaptive light-glowing pigments while promoting a dewy-fresh, luminous complexion with a youthfully flawless finish.’

by terry hyaluronic hydra foundation spf30 review

Who it’s for?

It is good for all skin types, especially those with dry skin because of the hyaluronic acid, a favourite ingredient of By Terry as I see it in most of their base products. I tried it on ‘blind’ ; before knowing any of this information and I found even on my oily skin that it was ultra-smoothing and left me demi-matte. I would say it’s suitable for the combination-oily too for sure. If you have oily skin then whack on a decent primer underneath.


I really like the frosted teardrop-esque bottle. As always with By Terry, it feel luxury, it feels expensive and you just want to hold it and use it. It had a pipette-dropper applicator, possibly as the formula is very lightweight and fluid. I like to apply it off the back of my hand, with a cream foundation brush.

by terry hyaluronic hydra foundation spf30 reviewby terry hyaluronic hydra foundation spf30 review

My Thoughts.

I was pretty much blown away when I tried it on and did the wear test, which you can see in my IGTV. It made my skin look absolutely FLAWLESS : it smoothed my pores, fine lines and the smallest amount gave me decent coverage.

I think I was also lucky in the fact the 400c shade was a pretty bang on match. I powdered my t-zone only once at the start of the day and it stayed on perfectly. I did my last check-in at nearly 7.30pm and it was still looking pretty flawless and smooth. There was a little bit of patchiness/wear on my forehead and oil build-up around my nose/chin in the typical areas but totally expected after 9  hours of wear on an oily skin with no powder.

The finish isn’t flat or totally matte, it still has that skin-like look but just…smooth. It’s definitely not a glowy base. I love a really radiant finish to my bases so I whacked on some of their CC Lumi Serum underneath and it was perfect for me.

I also really loved how lightweight and fresh it was on my skin. If you have a combination or oily skin you may know that feeling you can get after a few hours which is a bit grimy and ‘icky’ feeling but this stayed feeling and looking fresh on my skin. Really weightless and had that perfect second-skin comfortable feel to it.

I was honestly ready to not like it so much as I didn’t get on very well with their infamous Densillis formula that everyone seemed to love. I also tend to have a lot higher expectations when a foundation is this pricey and hyped (the Hydra-Foundation comes in at £49), but I was super impressed with it and think it’s a really, really good foundation.

What I Don’t Like.

The shade range doesn’t hit the mark. There are 15 shades but they don’t reach very far in terms of skin tone and I’m afraid I have found this quite a lot with the By Terry bases. I know you can get further shades and ranges in their boutique in Paris, along with custom foundation matches, but not over here.

by terry hyaluronic hydra foundation spf30 review by terry hyaluronic hydra foundation spf30 review by terry hyaluronic hydra foundation spf30 review by terry hyaluronic hydra foundation spf30 review

Above are a few of the other By Terry products I used to complete my base. I love both the CC Lumi-Serums in the Immaculate Light and the Sunny Flash shades and I wear one or the other depending if I want a bit of warmth and glow or just a touch of brightness. I also find these really handy to mix in with your foundation or base if it’s too light for your skin tone (Sunny Flash) or a bit too warm (then I mix in the Immaculate Light). So I use these serums in a number of ways, but usually just a pump under foundation to give that extra bit of GLOW and light.

I am big fan of the By Terry Compact Expert Dual Blushers and the shade ‘Sun Desire‘ is that perfect natural flush with a touch of dusky pink and warmth. These have a matte tone on the outside and a pop of glowier blush in the centre so you can custom your blush. The Hyaluronic Hydra Powder is the perfect accompaniment to set this (or any!) foundation in a light, airbrush sweep.

The only product that is a press sample is the Hydra foundation.

If you have budget for it, get down to counter, get colour-matched and see how it is on your skin. It worked brilliantly on me and ticked pretty much all of my boxes but as we all know, every skin and everyone’s needs are not the same.

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