REN Skincare, Sustainability & Infinity Recycling.

I have used the amazing REN Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream in my kit for at least 10 years. It’s such a fantastic, non-greasy cream, that works to soothe and calm even the most reactive skin and is an absolute godsend when you have a model sat in your chair who has had her skin ravaged from fashion week, parties and no sleep! I call in my wonder cream. 

It’s a very simple formula ; It just leaves the skin softened, non-greasy and it just feels comfortable and protected. Take years off your skin it will not but this is always a great cream to have for when your skin just needs a bit of TLC, comfort and soothing. It is vegan and cruelty-free. It is the exact same iconic formula as before, just a new-look packaging so fear not!

Evercalm (formally known as hydra calm back when I first started using it) is celebrating it’s 20 year birthday this year so they’ve had a little overhaul and revamp in the packaging and I wanted to talk about this. REN have been at the forefront of using sustainable and recyclable packaging for a long time now, continually pushing boundaries and finding new means to make their packaging eco-friendly.

The new Evercalm moisturiser comes in Infinity Recycling packaging. This is made from mixed plastic ‘waste’ that would have been otherwise destined for landfill.

This is the first time this technology has been used in premium beauty packaging : you get exactly the same look, feel and quality as before, just a more sustainable and eco-friendly way! I think this is so forward-thinking and the future in packaging is right here. The entire packaging, including the pump and lid is all fully recyclable. By using Infinity Recycling, it also reduces the need to create more plastic packaging from fossil feedstock and it’s a product that can in theory just be recycled and recycled and recycled , hence the ‘Infinity’ name tag.

REN have pledged to become ‘zero waste’ by 2021 which is, I think you will agree, awesome! I hope more brands look to become more sustainable in their packaging, and start using these new technologies available.  

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