Petit Jovial Baby & Mother Care (& Marcel the Orang-utan!)

If you are looking for a kind-to-skin baby range that is hand-made here in England, uses only the finest natural, vegan-friendly ingredients made in small batches and is in the most adorable packaging then say HELLO to Petit Jovial.

Petit Jovial is a range designed for ALL of the family, it’s super gentle and kind to the skin and the capsule collection of 3 products will solve all baby and children problems!

I am a big fan of pretty packaging when it comes to baby products, and this is just so beautiful with it’s cute orang-utan illustrations (more to come on this) and I’m a big fan of the recyclable glass packaging. The products are housed within Miron violet glass jars and bottles which protect the product within by protecting it from UV light. This is really popular with more natural products so they can use less chemical preservatives within the product.

They also have a company commitment to people and planet and they donate to charities that work with orang-utan conservation projects in Indonesia. Orang-utans are the world’s largest tree-climbing apes and are VITAL to the forest’s eco-system as they help scatter seeds as they move from on tree to the other.

The founder’s father is from Indonesia so this is the link here AND the reason behind the sweet illustration. This orang-utan is called Marcel = L O V E.

In terms of products they just do 3 and to be honest, this is absolutely perfect because I prefer to use minimal products on Margot and keep it nice and simple.

Body Massage & Scalp Oil. A fragrance-free blend of oils, including Safflower, Sesame, Jojoba & Wheatgerm. This is a really lovely oil that can be used for simply hydrating, massage and as a scalp oil. Baby massage can be beneficial in a number of ways ; it can help with (& keep!) the parent-baby bond, it can help with digestion, relaxation and wind! I’m a big fan.

Nourishing Bath Oil. A natural and lightly moisturising bath oil that has fragrant oils to soothe and relax. Perfect for the PM-unwinding bath. Lavender, Geranium, Clary Sage all will help to lull baby and parents into a more chilled out vibe and it can also be used directly onto the skin afterwards.

Nourishing Multi-purpose Balm for face & body. A solid balm that will melt upon contact with the skin. This is made up of natural oils and butters and will soothe, hydrate but also calm and soothe the skin so it’s perfect for dry patches, sore bums, and to use all over the body. It can also be used by mum as a nipple balm ; so an essential handbag/ nappy bag item!

I think most days I will apply the body massage oil as she gets dry skin around her knees and elbows and she quite likes a massage! The bath oil we drop in maybe 2-3 times a week and the balm is what I will carry around in the nappy bag to use as a one-stop-solve balm. I also love this for myself and have found it really handy on the lips, any dry skin patches and as a hand balm. You can literally use this anywhere for anything (within reason!).

It is such a sweet and beautiful baby & mother range, and I love that it is such a nice story, supporting a fantastic cause and a small business with a really personal feel.

Please do check them out on the Petit Jovial website to find out more information and to shop the range.

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