My Top 6 Pixi Skincare Picks.

pixi skincare top productsI have built quite a collection of PIXI skincare over the years of using it. It all started way back in 2010 for me, when I purchased my first ever Glow Tonic. There wasn’t much like it on the market at the time and I think that’s possibly *the* product that shot PIXI into the skincare limelight.

The Glow Tonic has become their cult product, there’s no doubt about it, but I’m here to tell you about my current top 6 and there isn’t a Glow Tonic in sight (I still love it, I’m just loving other things ATM) ! 

I have to start off with the DetoxifEye Eye Patches as I think these are my most-used for at least the last 3 years. I have raved about them quite a lot on here and I recommend them to all : friends, makeup artists friends, blogger pals…..the lot! They are just really good soothing and hydrating patches. Calm the skin down and just give you that lovely fresh and awake feeling. Hangover must-have. Travel must-have. Pre-makeup prep must-have.

pixi skincare

Nourishing Lip Polish. I’ve talked about this SO much over the last few years as I seem to use this so frequently. It’s a great lip prep when your lips are dry , scaly and you need to wear a liquid lipstick or a colour on your lips without it looking claggy and uneven. This squeezey applicator has small, little soft spikey bits on the end, so you simply squeeze through the lip balm and massage the applicator over your lips at the same time. It smooths and exfoliates and leaves balm on your lips in one swipe.

Retinol Tonic. This has replaced my Glow Tonic for the time as I really want to focus on texture and my fine lines. Retinol is SUCH an effective skincare ingredient and I’ve noticed a difference in the feel of my skin after just a couple of weeks of use. I am using it pre-serum and after cleansing in the AM and/or PM. It’s a non-irritating retinol treatment so you won’t get the side effects (red skin/ peeling) like your higher strength retinols.

Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse. This is a really nice, simply, does-what-t-says-on-the-tin no frills cleansing balm/milk duo. No scent, it suits all skin types and it has one solid oil balm for your step 1 and then a cooling, soothing cleansing cream for your second step. The oil-balm removes all waterproof makeup, SPF and everything, the second step gets rid of any residue and leftovers. I use this only in the PM and a lighter, more refreshing one-step cleanse in the AM.

caroline hirons double cleanse caroline hirons pixi double cleanse

Vitamin C Juice Cleanser. The newest addition to my skincare regime and a really handy in-between and prep step. It’s not something I would use to cleanse my skin deeply (that’s the CH Double Cleanse!) but this is a perfect prep/ light cleanse before you apply makeup or you want to simply refresh your skin. The addition of Vitamin c will brighten, it smells incredibly uplifting and it’s certainly not an essential skincare item, but it’s one that is sitting on my makeup desk and I use it anytime I am applying makeup. I have oily skin, and I usually do my cleanse / skincare regime first thing in the morning. By the tie 10am rolls around and I’m putting a little bit of face on, my skin is already feeling a little icky and oily. The Vitamin-C juice cleanser is a great way to just refresh, prep and clean!

Rose Ceramide Cream. This is what I am prepping my skin with a lot before makeup and it’s just a really lovely and simply nourishing cream. Perfect for when you are feeling a little parched, unloved and dry on the skin, it gives a lovely fresh glow which is also why I am often using it instead of primer. Think Weleda skin food vibes but not as greasy looking.

pixi rose ceramide cream pixi vitamin c juice cleanser

So there we have my current top 6 from PIXI Skincare. Can you spot any of your go-to’s from this line-up? Are there any products that you have had your eye on? I’ve just been looking at their website for my next wish list product and I’ve decided I really want to try the rose body products next as I’ve never tried any PIXI body!

*This post contains press samples and affiliate links which means if you purchase any of these from my links I get a small % of the sale. 

If you’d rather watch me chat about these 6 products, I also filmed a You Tube video which you can watch below if you have a spare 5 minutes! Let me know what you think.