Why I’m taking a step back from Twitter.

I don’t think we can deny it can be a pretty volatile social space to be. I’ve noticed it more and more as of late and I’ve seen a lot more people saying the same thing. It’s just got all a a bit……depressing.

Mute / Block / unfollow. I’ve done all of these and yet I still find my feed littered with tweets from people I don’t follow, indirects, shade, outrage, political uproar and general negativity. It is supposed to be a space that we can kind of curate and tailor depending on who we choose to follow but I don’t seem to find that balance at the moment.

People use the Twitter platform for different things, some use it for engaging with all of the above…. I came for light-hearted beauty chat, makeup artist support, learning, news and finding an online group of like-minded creative people.

Until about a year or so ago, I found I got what I needed and very much enjoyed being part of an online community. Yes, it was always a little up and down. Yes there was always some old crap going on you could roll your eyes at and move along. Yes it could be a little detrimental at times to your mood and feelings. However it’s spiralled a lot for me personally and I simply am not enjoying it.

When I spend time on Twitter, I get suckered in to reading threads, going on to read the replies, getting irritated by other’s views, mindless gossip….drama….and it’s just a bit of a viscous circle for me. It’s my least favourite social media place to be at the moment so I’m simply limiting my time on it and utilising what time I have in the day elsewhere. I also find it the platform where I seem to get the least interaction and I think that is partly due to my poor input and lack of motivation for it, but I’m focusing my energy elsewhere.

I’m still going to be active on it, just a lot less. I’ll be checking in once a day, instead of several times to interact, respond, retweet and promote my blog posts and reply to people if I have the answer. 

Why am I feeling to write a whole blogpost on this? It’s not for sympathy or anything, I’m really not sad about it or feel like it’s a big deal…..more for a nudge your way if you are feeling a little drowned and overwhelmed in navigating twitter at the moment. It could be something to consider for yourself.

NOTHING in particular has spurred this on, there’s no exciting drama to give you, it’s just kind of subconsciously happened over the last few weeks and I realised it’s just for the best at the moment.

I’m super busy with stuff going on in my life and I need to focus on that more than too much social media scrolling and Twitter is the first one to be reigned in.

In the new year, when I have a little more time and energy to input into it and really curate my list of people I follow and mute I’ll be back and hopefully able to find the love back. Twitter used to be my FAVOURITE platform and I’ve just lost my place and don’t really feel part of any community anymore.

Instagram is where I’m focusing a little bit more of my time. I’m really enjoying it at the moment and have been for a while now. I just find my small group of friends/followers interact really well and I love watching what people get up to on their stories and getting to know the real person a little more, the behind-the-scenes and it just feels a little more supportive and friendly. 

Have you been feeling the strange Twitter vibes? Or perhaps you are better at me than ignoring it all and getting on with your day! I’d love to know your thoughts.