Brow Chat, Beauty Edit Mayfair Makeup (& a new brow shape I’m trying!)

Beauty Edit Mayfair Brow makeupBeauty Edit Mayfair is a brow makeup brand born from the luxurious Nails & Brows styling boutique headed up by celebrity brow expert Sherrille Riley.

They do 6 products in total covering ALL your possible wants and needs for perfecting, shaping, lifting and setting your brows and these products are amongst those that they use for their bespoke brow shaping and treatments in their salon.

I was sent the range to try out and have been doing so over the last couple of months to give them a good once over and see how they work for me. I am VERY particular when it come to brow makeup so I get a little shakey when I have to go off my usual routine, but I did it (!) and here are my thoughts on this range. 

First up….the packaging. IS BEAUTIFUL. Maybe my taste, but I am really attracted to this style of packaging and the wooden like effect with the gold. It’s different to anything I have in my stash, easily recognisable and really good branding in general. It looks luxurious, it all feels very luxurious and it also has that clean and simple feel to it.

Beauty Edit Mayfair Brow makeup


BROW FILLER : This is your brow pencil, comes in 3 shades and fills and shapes the brows. I am really sparse so I need a lot of help when it comes to filling in my brows and my usual preference is a very hard and sharp lead to get very fine strokes.

You can get this with the pencil but it is a *teeny* bit softer than my usual pencils (Benefit Precisely, Kevyn Aucoin) so it actually gave me a slightly softer brow than I have been doing….which I actually REALLY like and I think it’s kind of changed the way I do my brows going forward. I used to be very hard and arched (resting bitch face de jour) but this shape is more subtle and audrey ; flatter and probably a little more flattering? I am wearing shade ‘Dark Dahlia’ which is the darkest.

BROW LIFT : This is a creamy lightweight pencil highlighter to give lift and light and to open up the eyes. It has 3 shades and a matte finish. It is best applied onto the brow bone and blended out to give the ‘lift’ effect and it can also act as a concealer to disguise redness and discolouration. I like to apply this after I have done my brows and then use the Highlighter Brush which gives a really nice lifted and clean finish to the brow.

BROW SETTER : This is your brow gel and setter. Keeps the hairs in place nicely throughout the day and also contains Castor Oil, Vitamin E and B5 to nourish and condition the brows. Castor oil is also known to help brows grow so this is a more hybrid product of ‘care’ and ‘makeup’. Doesn’t leave any residue as some brow gels can, particularly clear ones and it’s a really decent brow gel. It’s expensive @ £25 but it does look and feel very luxe and it is a brow growth treatment too.

They also do 2 brow brushes; a spoolie wand (£18) and a highlighter brush (£18) which compliments the Brow Lift perfectly and is also a really good brush for sharpening and cleaning under the brow.

Beauty Edit Mayfair Brow setter brow gel brow growth

perfect brow tutorial


1.) Sharpen your pencil so you have a nice, hard, sharp point. Use a spoolie to groom your brow hairs upwards.

2.) Use the Brow Filler pencil to get your brow shape, fill in the gaps. I use a quick hair like strokes to keep it looking as natural as possible. Don’t draw on a hard shape, you want there to be graduations and different depths in the colour!

3.) Use the Brow Lift to clean up under the brow and sharpen the shape a little. This will also give you an even lid colour and give the appearance of a more open eye.

4.) Set the hair in place with the Brow Setter clear gel.


Beauty Edit Mayfair Brow makeup brow tutorial how to open up the eyes with makeup the best brow gel how to make brows look fuller

I love talking everything brows and trying out new makeup and products. One thing I wish they had in the range is perhaps a brow ink of some type and maybe a couple more shades in the pencil, although I know these 3 shades would definitely suit most hair colours. I’m really impressed with the range, it has such beautiful packaging and I’m excited to see if they bring any more products out.

The Beauty Edit Mayfair range is available to shop in their boutique in London’s Mayfair and also you check the products out online here.

What are your go-to brow products at the moment? Anything new you have been loving?

*contains press samples