NEW KISS Lash Couture Naked Drama lashes : How they look on & why they are a 10/10.

The newest range from KISS lashes is the Lash Couture Naked Drama range which are 100% THE BEST I have ever tried from them. I have been wearing and raving about them for weeks now so I wanted to show you how they look on and a few of the different styles I have.

The KISS naked lashes are fluffy, full volume, 3D lashes. They have been created to give a mink-like effect but are synthetic and cruelty free. They are layered really beautifully to give a really natural and fluttery finish, they are lightweight and comfortable to wear AND the band is really seamless, durable and they honestly fit like a dream. I have tried a few styles of KISS lashes in the past and they are really beautiful, my only gripe was the thicker lash band which for me, made them slightly harder to fit and wear comfortably. The better the lash band, the longer they will stay on and you will literally forget you are even wearing lashes.

These naked lash bands are SO much better so I really hope they make more of this style going forward. If you like a HUDA type lash, then these are honestly very similar for a fraction of the price coming in at £7.99. 

They have 4 styles to choose from and I have 3 to show to you, with my favourite being the Organza which are literally my perfect lash look : they give a bit of extra length and double up the volume of your natural lashes so they look really good, but they don’t scream !FAKE LASHES! , they look like you have a really good set of lash extensions on. THE BEST.

I will always fit lashes onto my eye shape by trimming them, and definitely suggest you do this if you don’t already : it will allow for a much better fit and feel. The band comes at a long length so they fit all eye shapes, often they will be a little too long though : ya know that slight digging feeling on the inner corner?! That’s because they are too long. False lashes should start from 1/4 of the way in and sit all away to the outer corner for the best fit. I have special Shu Uemura lash scissors but these are had to come by so just a good, sharp pair of nail scissors will do…and just nip any excess off from the outside of the false lash. Always keep the little bits you trim off as they come in super handy for bulking up the lashes on the outer corners, using underneath as bottom lashes or just as individuals.

The KISS Lash Couture Naked Drama lashes are available priced at £7.99 from Boots and Superdrug. They don’t come with lash glue but I believe the brand do sell it separately. Have you tried KISS lashes before? What is your favourite style of lash?

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