My Pregnancy Diaries : Trimester 3 part 1 – Gender Reveal, The Pram and AOB

I know, I know, I stole Vicky Pollard’s look.

Wow it seems like years since I updated you fully on my pregnancy, what’s been going on and how I’ve been feeling. The heatwave here in the UK has made this 3rd Trimester drag like a bitch and I am so ready for this to be over now! Cliche (soz) but it’s so true.

Please click below to watch my vlog for the full lowdown : We had a gender scan after an inconclusive 20-week scan so we finally know the sex (!) , we purchased THE pram after much deliberation, I am in love with my changing bag, I’m NOT so in love with the care and midwives and this HEAT has been making pregnancy pretty tough in these last few weeks.