The Brow Gal by Tonya Brooks.

I wanted to introduce to you a new-ish brow brand to my radar : The Brow Gal (by Tonya Brooks). Tonya is a celebrity makeup artist who took 3 years creating her no-fuss brow range with a range of custom colours to suit all ethnicities and hair colours.

Products in her line include brow powder trios, brow pencils, brow highlighters, brow gels and tints, tweezers, scissors and brow growth serum ; everything you need to get the brow of dreams!

The Convertible Brow is a trio of x3 brow powders that can also be used wet for a more defined and pomade-like effect. The 3 shades in each trio consist of a warm, neutral and ash tone to get your perfect custom colour. The trio’s come in shades Light, Medium and Dark ; redheads will need the medium. If you use it wet you get a more intense definition on the brow, it will dry back to a powder formula. I’m finding it easy to use and work with although I have the medium, whereas I think I would be better off with the darker shade. They stay on better when you wet them first I find and even better if you apply with a setting spray in these crazy-ass humid conditions!

Another product I have been trying out for a few weeks is the Skinny Eyebrow Pencil which is a natural look brow pencil that’s both water and sweat resistant. They have an in-built sharpener, a spoolie on one end that is super handy to groom & tame and they come in 6 shades. The formula is kinda normal-soft for a brow pencil so give you nice definition and are easy to use. one thing that surprised me about these are the fact that they are not skinny as such (like ABH / NYX / Kevyn Aucoin) but they are just a standard pencil size FYI. I do like my leads a little thinner and harder for a super precise hair-like stroke, but I think these pencils are fab for the not-so-fussy brow make-uppers!

I am really interested to try the Eyebrow Gel and the Eyebrow Tint next up. Have you heard of The Brow Gal? As a brow enthusiast/ obsessive I would love to hear about your favourite brow products.