Just Launched : Eylure Enchanted Lashes for Summer.

Eylure have just launched 4 new and limited edition styles in their gorgeous ‘Enchanted range’. They are all wispy-style lashes that blend in with you natural lashes seamlessly, are lightweight and super comfortable to wear. Perfect for all day festies and parties as they won’t weigh you down or disrupt that perfect eye makeup.

In my opinion, Eylure do some of the best lashes and their selection is absolutely huge so they always have something for every eye shape, taste and need. I really like a textured, fluttery lash so these enchanted ones are right up my street with my favourite pair being the choppy & layered Divine Crime. If you look after your lashes well by taking them off gently, not applying mascara over them and put them back into their case to keep their shape then you will get at least 5 wear from each pair of Eylure eyelashes……*cough I can get at least 12*.

APPLICATION TIP: I always need to trim the lashes a little bit so they fit more comfortably on my eye : before you glue them, just sit them across your lashes to see if you need to do the same. More often than not, they will feel a lot better if they are trimmed a little so they start a quarter of the way across your lash line (from the inside). Always trim from the outside using a sharp pair of nail scissors.

These Enchanted lashes are available now in Boots, Superdrug and online at www.eylure.com and are all priced at £5.95.