The Best Blue Eyeliner In the World : PIXI Cobalt Blue.

The most zingiest, brightest, bluest, eyeliner I have ever tried : say hello to the PIXI Endless Silky Eye Pen in shade ‘Cobalt Blue’. This has seriously ignited my love for blue eye makeup and this formula is something that needs shouting about as it’s simply one of the best eyeliners out there.

The PIXI Endless Silky Eye Pens are a gel-pencil formula that glide on seamlessly and have super-rich pigment for a ridiculous payoff ; no hassle in that waterline lads! They are also waterproof and I promise you, you will not have to top up or re-touch at any point during the day. I have gotten so many comments since I have been wearing this shade over the last few weeks.

Blue is a colour that has been a slight makeup nemesis of mine : I have never really liked it on myself since I was a teen : possibly because I OVERDID it with a hideous combination of Rimmel ‘Heather Shimmer’ on the lips.

I have also shyed away from it a little because I have blue eyes and if you know anything about the colour wheel and contrasting colours (thanks makeup school) then matching colours to your eyes won’t bring out your eye shade. HOWEVER, this liner is so pretty and I’m embracing the change and loving the pop of electric blue and I can still wear it with my go-to (boring) eyeshadows of bronzes and golds.

I love wearing it on my lower waterline and lashline, and you can really build up the vivid-ness of the shade by layering it, and if you want it even brighter, then set it with a matte bright blue shadow. If this is a lil’ too bright for your tastes then you’ll be pleased to know that PIXI do 22 shades of their fabulous Endless Silky Eye Pen ; so you will find something you love. They are honestly one of the best kohl-type eyeliners I have ever used and a snip at just £12.

What do you think of this blue eyeliner trend? Is it something you would wear?