Hyped Makeup Products That Failed Me & My Face.

Yep. *That* blog post we all love to have a lil’ nosey over. Instead of shouting about the brilliance of the products that are working for me : here’s a bunch of (mainly overhyped) makeup that ISN’T ticking any-many of my boxes.

I’m quite ‘lucky’ in the fact that if I buy makeup for myself and I don’t get on with it, I will give it a whirl in my professional kit to see if it fares better in there. What works for one, doesn’t necessarily work for another so I like that fact that my money isn’t totally wasted. Lots of these products are well-loved by many, so it’s not the product, it’s just my face / skin type and taste that don’t bond with the actual product.

Let’s start with the bases and concealers…cuz there’s a lot. I think this could be what I am most picky about when it comes to my makeup, stemming from having really problematic skin as a youngster. I’ve tried so many formulas for both myself and my kit, I know pretty quickly what’s going to work for me. One foundation I am SUPER glad that I did not end up purchasing after trying a sample is the new NARS Radiant Long wear Foundation. Now, I love NARS. It’s probably one of the top 3 brands that features very heavily in my kit, but I was left very disappointed after trying this sample. It looked *ok* for maybe 2 hours of wear and then, no joke, it looked fucking terrible. It went patchy, oily, it sunk into my pores and it just would not sit on my skin whether I used primer or not. I wore it for nearly a week too, so I did give it a good try before I reached this conclusion. Some peeps are loving this though so I would simply recommend trying before you buy.

A foundation I purchased last year at some point as I was promised it was the replacement for the Pro Lumiere foundation (may your soul rest in peace you wonderful, wonderful foundation…if you know….you know) is the Chanel Perfection Lumiere. Now I will say this is definitely not a huge fail, as in, it’s quite an ok foundation. But it’s simply not Pro Lumiere standard in the finish and formula and for this reason, Perfection Lumiere, you are fired.

By Terry Terrybly Densiliss. Now this is a foundation that has fab reviews and I’m putting it out there ; it’s a good foundation, it really is, I simply cannot in any way justify the £78.50 price tag for it. I would pay £40 for it at a push. The ingredients are skincare-infused but nothing that out of the ordinary and it just annoys me that it’s this price in all honesty. Also the shade range is a bit meh. I don’t mind paying the $$ if a product is good, like I love their CC serum which is £61, so I’m not just being a hater because it’s pricey and from a luxury brand (I know some people lovvvvve to pull products down because Makeup Rev do something similar) but it’s just not worth that buck, sorry.

This moves me swiftly onto my next product : The Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer. I struggled SO bad with this and I tried it every day for at least a week before I gave up and decided it just isn’t for me. It looked so cakey and it creased *horrendously* so much so it added a good 150 years onto my age. I tried setting it, less product, more product, different skincare underneath and no combination worked for me. I know this works really well for a lot of people though, so I would still says it’s worth spending the £4 to give it a try.

Next up is sadly the Fenty Beauty Match Stix . I purchased the trio set, along with the Trophy Wife highlighter, Pro Filt’r Foundation and one of the highlight-duo powder-things and I love ALL the other products, but these cream makeup sticks just aren”t doing enough for me. A product that I used possibly three times and then just got bored and have not used them since. The concealer is nothing spectacular in terms of formula, I prefer my Collection one, the cream highlighter is not quite dewy enough, and the contour shade is *ok*, but again, one I have not used since the week I purchased it as it didn’t wow me.

A highlighter that seems much sought-after and loved is The Balm Cosmetics Mary Lou Manizer. This cult highlighter is a product I purchased quite a while ago, had a quick swatch…thought meh.…and left it to gather dust in ‘the boring makeup pile’ (alongside the Fenty stix). I recently saw it on some glam babe on Instagram (never trust the ‘gram) and it looked A M A Z I N G so I furiously dug it up to get some glow on ma face. It just doesn’t give *that* much glow for me. It’s a nice champagne highlighter, it’s just not *that* nice. I have ones similar from MUA and most other budget brands that give me more payoff and glow so for me, the Mary Lou is just not worth the hype.

Last up in my miserable makeup pile is the Lancome Monsieur Big mascara. Gahhhhh, I just can’t seem to apply this without getting excess all over my eyelids and face. It’s 80% a messy application for me, and it’s not a mascara I can apply quickly so I have put it to the back of my pile to gather glitter and dust. I was disappointed as I had read many rave reviews about this, and I had actually not used a Lancome mascara for maybe 8 years before this so this has confirmed my view that Lancome mascaras are STILL generally overhyped. Unpopular opinion. Soz.

Have you had differing experiences with any of these products?  Like I have said, these all seem really popular so I would love to hear if you have any tips to make them work better for me!