Why having a blog break can be the best.

Collect your thoughts, heal your head.

I, probably like 89% of bloggers, am constantly left feeling ‘ behind’.

Behind in my posts (HOW do people post Every. Single. Day?! What IS their sorcery secret?)Behind in keeping up with all the lovely things I get sent and panic when it starts piling up in a corner somewhere in my room. Behind with launches, and events (major FOMO can occur) and the big one ; Behind in the blogging industry >  the feeling of every other blogger surpassing you in every shape and form, everyone else getting press trips and exciting event invites that you once used to go to (or simply dream about), blogger cliques having all the fun and inside jokes on insta-stories, and everyone seemingly supporting everyone else except you.  Now TRY to snap the fuck out of this hell-hole of self-loathing and jealousy and give yourself a little shake.

‘Comparison is the bitch-ass thief of joy’

It’s easy to feel alone, whoa-is-me-esque and left out of all the blogger action. It’s easy to let it get to you, to run around in your head and then to question what the fuck you are even doing here. THIS IS NORMAL. It happens in every job and workspace and I think it always has been and always will be part and parcel of working as a blogger.

Try and be pleased for those bloggers kicking ass, look into yourself as to why perhaps you aren’t succeeding like you *think* you should be…there will be answers, it’s just a case of working it out, stop trying to follow and find that little formula and content that works for you.

For many of the reasons above, I have taken my little 3-4 week hiatus and it’s doing me the world of good.

Think of new content and direction.

It’s not only incredibly healing to have a break from any stressful job, but it’s a great opportunity to spend your time that would be blogging, churning out/making content… to perhaps look into a new direction, theme or even a layout to freshen up your little space on the internet. If you are feeling shitty about your stats, then think of ways to improve : what content your readers react to, why your audience come to your blog and topics that get the most discussion and love.

Perhaps you need a little layout overhaul? Spend half a day playing around with themes on your blog layout, picture sizes, update your bio, simplify your site and even make a new blog header. All of these you can do for free or if you are feelin’ a lil’ fancy then grab a new theme from somewhere like Pipdig which is quick and easy, even for those of us who aren’t tech-savvy.

A Break from ‘The Community’.

Yep. I’m not going to delve in too deep, but we ALL aware of how it has changed. I have been blogging since ’09 and the changes to the community are HUGE. It has become so much more competitive, clique-ey and cut-throat. Forged friendships and arse-licking is rife. We all know this. I think it’s simply down to the fact the amount of people within this industry has grown 37475959-fold and everyone wants in on that full-time, collaboration-rich, Peggy Porschen cake-eating blogging lifestyle.

I feel like I am somewhat of a lone wolf in the world of blogging, I’m not in a clique, a squad, and I often scroll twitter wondering why I’m not involved in the heart of the blogging community. In ‘real life’, I’m not one to make friends with anyone and everyone and in general I have a small circle of close-knit friends. This has both it’s positives and negatives when it translates to the blogging world. The positives being: the blogger chicks that I do meet up with and speak to are my true friends who I love and respect, and can 100% trust with my thoughts, feeling and concerns. The negatives is that I often do not get support when I feel like I need it ..This is my own fault and I’m totally aware of it. 

I just don’t know if the positives way out the negatives? I constantly find myself trying to involve myself with the community and chats more, but feel it makes me too wrapped up in trying to be accepted, too invested in comparison, and it often gives me angst that I am not so welcome anymore in this community that I was once a much bigger part of. I find myself not connecting to trends / topics / people and chats like I used to. Maybe it’s my age? Maybe I haven’t embraced the change well enough?

Social Media Detox.

It’s nice to sit back and come away from it all. We all know that scrolling through twitter and Instagram for hours a day can be as deliberating as it can be inspiring. It’s hard not to compare, question and get fuming-tamping-RAGING (The Valleys anyone?!…ANYONE?) when we suspect and/or know people have been buying bots to get ahead. Instagram is hard enough as it is, so lets’ TRY and focus on the things within our complete control ; and that certainly isn’t bloggers buying followers, using bots and other backhanded tactics and that fucking algorithm.

I’ve been trying something new with my Instagram over the last 6 months or so, and I’m enjoying it. I think it’s a reasonably unique theme and I love the way my feed looks so I am going to continue it for another few months at least and decide what to do from there. It’s absolutely not drawing in new followers by any means (peep my hilarious social blade here if ya fancy > YIKES) my Instagram is doing horrendously bad, but I’m enjoying it, I am a creative person so it makes sense to me and I’m sticking with it. I’m stepping away from the number game and enjoying trying to create unique content which stems back to my love : makeup.

Enjoy The Little Things.

Catching up with neglected friends, stay-cationing, countryside walks, culinary courses and simply a brunch here and there with the husband. Small things but very important things that I have been missing out on of late. It can be easy to turn every little excursion, trip into town or lunch date into blog content but it’s been nice not worrying about pictures and just enjoying these little things for the simplicity that they should be.

Over the weeks, I have felt less and less guilt about stepping back into blogging, making content and I’ve simply woken up day-by-day and see how I feel on the day : today is the first day that I have had any form of inspiration to tap away on my laptop. Don’t get me wrong I’ve still been reading blogs and articles, keeping in the loop from a distance and scribbling down content ideas as and when I get a lightbulb(ish) kinda moment. It’s just been lovely to have a proper blog break for the first time in years.

If you get too blog-overwhelmed, wrapped up in the community & gossip, the cliques, the lack of PR-parcels, the comparison and the general pressure of trying to be a kick-ass-blogging-motherfucker…..then please do try a break! Start with a week, which is what I did and just come back when you can and have the energy and a refreshed mind & body.