Birchbox x Ohh Deer.

The first offering of the year from Birchbox and it comes in a form of a collaboration with British stationary brand Ohh Deer. This is a brand that celebrates creativity and individuality, and this month’s Birchbox reflects this by being all about swerving the New Year’s resolutions and just embracing being YOU.

As usual, this box comes with 5 beauty products and one full-size item which already exceeds the price of the box. If anything, this is definitely a good value box, so let’s explore what’s within.

The full-size product come in the form of a Lord & Berry Blusher Crayon (rrp £15) which is a simple cream formula blusher that is quick and easy to apply. Choice of colours is 2 and I got the ‘Peach’ tone which is the one I wanted and it’s a really pretty, soft hue. I do like the product, it’s just we get A LOT of this brand in Birchbox’s and I’m pretty sure I have something quite similar from them already.

It’s a makeup heavy box, and also includes a really generous Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner in shade ‘Charcoal’. This is a really good eyeliner, but again something I have had once before in a Birchbox but this is a different colour so am still pleased with this. It’s pretty much a full-size. The product I am most exciting / intrigued about is the Paul & Joe Moisturising Foundation Primer ; I haven’t tried any P&J base products and have always wanted to try more from this brand so am really happy to get this. it’s a decent 10ml size which will give a good couple of weeks of use.

Only one skincare item this month and it’s probably the product I am least enthusiastic about ; Thermaliv Night Cream. Not a brand I have heard of, I am not on the hunt for a night cream anytime soon and there’s just something about the packaging I find a little…ahem…dull. On the plus side though it’s a good 15ml tube and I will put it in my sample drawer to try at some point.

Another product that caught my attention and I’m looking forward to trying (I haven’t at the time of writing this) is the Afterspa Amazing Makeup Remover, which is one of *those* magical makeup removing towels that you literally do not need to use any cleanser, remover, oil…..anything with and it somehow removes your makeup!?! I’m super sceptical but I’m really glad to get my hands on one as I sure as hell wouldn’t buy one. I will report back if it works!

It’s an *ok* box this month. We’ve had a couple of really good boxes the last few months, and sometimes you just get a box that isn’t that exciting for you, or perhaps nothing within is anything you need (like me…..with a night cream rn) BUT I find it just balances out. You won’t be gushing over every single box but as long as you like at least 70% of what you are getting then I say stick with the beauty box!

One thing I always say about Birchbox is that they are great value at just £10 per month + P&P. They are always worth at least double, if not triple this amount. You can find out more on their fabulous (& very shoppable!) website here.
What do you think of this month’s box?