Limited Edition Magnitone : Barefaced Shimmer Christmas edition.

Magnitone have launched 2 limited edition cleansing brushes for Christmas : The Barefaced Shimmer Collection. In gorgeous shades Rose Gold & Serenity Blue, these additions make a perfect Christmas present for all skincare lovers out there.

The Magnitone barefaced cleansing brush uses vibra-sonic technology that omits sonic oscillations combined with pulsed vibrations for deep, effective cleansing. Using this hand held cleansing brush takes just 60 seconds per day and it’s proven to be 6x more effective than manual cleansing with just hands. Cleansing with this will effectively clear skin, remove excess oil, makeup, impurities from pores, lightly exfoliate and tone AND will help the effectiveness of your skincare that you apply afterwards.

After using this brush for around 2 weeks, I have seen an improvement in the clarity, feel and look of my skin. It really works and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to try it out! It’s fully waterproof so I just literally use it /wet it on the shower, add my cleanser de jour directly onto the brush and then switch it on for a 60 second workout = job done. It’s quick, easy and effective and really doesn’t make my daily skincare regime any longer.

These limited edition Christmas sets include the device, charger (USB), full instructions, a travel bag and an extra stimulator brush head. This extra brush head is really similar to the Foreo surface if you are familiar with that, and this stimulates circulation and gives more of a deeper facial massage effect to the skin. It’s a great option to have aside from the standard cleansing brush.

The limited edition shades are available now and priced at £90, you can read more information and order here, at the Magnitone website. Treat Yo’ Self.