Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops VS The Dupes.

Let’s get glowy AF. Liquid highlighter : Possibly my favourite makeup item ever.

You know I have huge love for my Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops. I have used them pretty much since they launched and I currently own 5/9 shades (2 of them are more bronzers than highlighters FYI : Moonlight / Sunset)  which I use both on myself and in my professional makeup kit. They are one of the original liquid dropper highlighters and they give a really full and HOLY-SHIT-WHAT-IS-THAT-SHE-HAS-ON-HER-FACE glow which I find works better than most powder formulas which is why I love them so much.

I find with liquid-formula highlighters, they are more versatile than their powder sisters : you can mix them in with your skincare / foundation / wear them neat….to get the effect and amount of glow that you want. The only drawback to the Cover FX glow getters….the price. They are £34 which is going towards the higher end of highlighters, and since they became so popular, obviously the high street brands followed suit and we now how liquid dropper illuminators from Barry M, Makeup Revolution and L’Oreal amongst others.

Amongst my Superdrug Haul a couple of months back, I picked up x2 from Barry M and x2 from Makeup Revolution :  clear dupes and budget versions of the Cover FX ones, and I was intrigued to see how they compared in terms of formula, glow and shades.

Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops.

£6.99 for 12ml. 5 shades (more to come)

These are really beautiful and I like the fact the packaging isn’t a total copy of the Cover FX ones *cough Makeup Revolution*. The formula is the thickest out of the liquid illuminators, so for me, the dropper isn’t quite the right dispenser as I usually just take it out and smear it as opposed to dropper it. That saying, I love the formulas of the ones I have and will be doing a full, in-depth review of these with full swatches ASAP, as I think these are the best dupes.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters.

£6 for 12ml. 7 shades.

In true Makeup Revolution style they have made very quick work of completely ripping off and copying the packaging / design and pretty much the shades of the Cover FX illuminators. I don’t personally like it when they do this, I wish they would be less obvious in the way they copy brands, BUT they are pretty damn good and definitely a decent budget version. They aren’t as good quality as the Cover FX ones ; ingredients, quality of pigment etc but they are definitely worth exploring if you want to dip your toes into liquid highlighters without dropping all your dollar. The formula I find a little oily feeling, but the result is still a wonderful dewy glow and I love the Rose Gold Shade.

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops.

£34 for 15ml. 9 shades.

Still my no.1 love and I won’t ever be replacing them. The formula is just perfect for what I want and I find them really easy to work with and use. My favourite/ most used shades are probably ‘Celestial’ and the newer ‘Rose Gold’ which is absolutely stunning on warmer skin tones. I will also say that I am yet to run out of any and I have definitely had ‘Celestial’ for nearly 2 years ; they last you a long ol’ time as you do not need much product to get serious glowy-ass effects.

Have you tried the cover FX custom enhancer drops or any of the dupes? I’m looking forward to seeing if any more brands bring them out.

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