A Clean Burn : Heyland & Whittle Candles.

You know I have a thing for candles. I love trying out new brands and scents and there is never an evening when I don’t have at least one candle on the go. I was kindly sent this Heyland & Whittle Clementine & Prosecco candle a few weeks ago and lit this baby up over the weekend…..and it smell absolutely beautiful. I am honestly so fussy with my candles, the scent and most importantly, the quality of ‘the burn’ and this is absolutely up there with the best.

The Heyland & Whittle candles are made from pure soy wax which produces a more clean and environmentally clean burn. You know when you burn a candle and you actually only end up using half of the wax as the rest of it is all around the edge and you get like a funnel of wax?…not with this candle. It burns evenly down with no wastage. PS- make sure you aren’t lighting your candle and blowing it out before the entire surface has turned to liquid – this also helps with ensuring your candle burns evenly downwards.

Heyland & Whittle currently make 8 different candle scents to choose from, amongst other ‘smellies’ including reed diffusers, soaps and body lotions. At the moment here is also an extra 3 candle scents for Christmas 2017 which are a little fancier, seasonal and limited edition.

Back to the Clementine & Prosecco. It basically just smells really fresh and uplifting ; It has notes of Clementine, yellow apple, pear & peach and of course, that sparkling yellow nectar that you and the gals like the pop on a summer’s afternoon. Prosecco, for me, is not a smell I would opt to have my room smell like, so I was pleased to see that I could only really smell the fresh, fruity (and mainly clementine) notes lingering. It’s the first candle that I have burnt in ages where I kept on smelling it even a good while after I had blown it out. It’s a really lovely scent to have in any room of the house….and also quite festive.

These candles cost £27 for this 230g size (for comparison, diptyque are 190g), you can also buy smaller 180g sizes in a small tin which are £12.50. They are available to buy on the Heyland & Whittle website, John Lewis and Marks & Spencers.