~ Halloween 2017 Makeup Looks ~

It’s that time. One of my favourite times of year = H A L L O W E E N! It falls on Tuesday this year, so most of you will be celebrating it this weekend so I wanted to showcase a few fun and creative looks I have done to celebrate this year.

This year I have played around with 4 different looks (possibly a 5th to be updated on here tomorrows -yikes!) and I have really enjoyed getting creative with them. Hopefully they will give you some ideas, inspiration or you will simply like looking at them to get you in the mood (in a totally Halloween kinda sense….I hope).

Look 1 : Pastel Half skull. The half skull has been done soooooo much, but it’s a classic look, you can look half gorgey on one side if you fancy and it’s kinda easy to do. I have added some bling and some dollops of pastel to brighten it up and make it a little more fun.

Look 2 : Fortune Teller (from the grave). I think this may be my most popular this year. This is a good look if you still wanna look kinda sexy and a little scary. I just did a red glitter smokey/glam eye, emphasised the underneath with lots of orange and smokey black and then whacked on some black stars. The lip was a mixture of around 3 Kat Von D Everlasting lipsticks.

Look 3 : The Pumpkin Face! Ok, this is for those of you if you DON’T wanna be too sexy for your halloween party. Or sexy at all. A simple palette of black / orange / red and brown cream pigments can get you this look pretty easily. A set of creepy contacts will come in handy for this.

Look 4 : Deconstructed Neon Skull. This is a copy of skull queen makeup artist Vanessa Davis so I am taking zero credit for this! I love her work so much so I wanted to see if I create some of her fabulous work. Do check out her Instagram it’s INSANE! This is really effective and actually not as intricate as it looks.

How to create a unique design? I just go onto google images and collate a file of different makeup and designs that I love and combine a few looks and add my own personal touch. If you are to directly copy someone’s work, then do maybe tag them / refer to them if you are going to put it over your social…..it’s good manners PLUS it’s nice for them to see that they are inspiring others 🙂

Main products I use: I try to keep my products easy and simple, with lots of them non-pro and things that you can find easily and local. To be honest, you can buy Halloween face paints (basic colour wheel) from your local supermarket for next to nothing and this is honestly the best thing to use! I tend to use paintbrushes or my cheaper synthetic brushes (Crownbrush are ALWAYS my go-to for affordable ones) as I don’t want to be ruining my expensive brushes with heavy colours, pigments and glues. I always, always ALWAYS use my Crownbrush Mixing Palette for this kind of work as it’s easy to blend your colours, custom make shades and it’s quicker to dip straight from this rather than having to continuously open and close pots and jars.

Across all these looks I used these main products: Illamasqua skin Base White, NYX Jumbo eye pencil ‘Milk’, NARS Eye Paint ‘Black Valley’, Laura Mercier Creme Eyeliner Brown?, MAC paintpots (assorted), MAC lipmix (red pigments) Crownbrush Contour palette (for any shading / contouring/depth), Rimmel Setting Powder, Spirit Gum for any sticking of gems / stars etc. Any gems/stars are from HobbyCraft. Most of the colours are pressed eyeshadows or loose pigments.

Brow Blocking:  I usually will do before most looks as it gives you that clean, blank canvas and it’s just easier to start from scratch to create your look. I will have a technique up on my You Tube channel imminently, with one of these above looks and showing you how to block brows easily! Products needed : Gluestick, Red cream base (can use liquid lipstick), full cover foundation, setting powder.

Editing: Some of these pictures have been edited to bring the whites brighter / black deeper and any of the contacts are straight from Picmonkey because I simply cannot wear them! I am not a fan of editing makeup looks heavily so just wanted to be clear that I have done so a little more than normal on these halloween spookies. (gotta look good for the ‘gram!)

Do let me know which one is your favourite? I think a lot of people are loving the Fortune Teller this year which was the first one I created and I was so pleased with how it came out (PS x3 stars under the eyes are hobbycraft ones stuck on and the rest are hand-drawn).

Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to know any more info regarding specific products or techniques!