Clever Lining : Pur On Point Eyeliner Pencils

PUR (minerals) makeup are a brand that are known for their natural formulations, mineral-based makeup and easy-to-use products. I have a few firm favourites from the range, but I was really excited to try the PUR On Point Eyeliner Pencils as I had heard really good things about them….and they are a little bit clever.

These are not your typical eyeliners, these are SELF SHARPENING eyeliners which skips any hassle of having blunt eyeliners, messy sharpenings, trying to FIND *that* damn Barry M sharpener, and scratching your eyes when you cannot find said sharpener. Now I have only ever come across one brand before that have self-sharpening which is Kevyn Aucoin (£26) so I was looking forward to seeing how the Pur Mineral ones (£16) would compare.

They do 5 shades of eyeliner that I have swatched below. Shades are Heartless (jet black), Down to Earth (deep brown), Not Sorry (grey), Hotline (khaki), Rain (plum). The texture is really creamy with a good payoff and my ultimate test : they will apply full coverage with one swipe in the waterline! They are a longwear and waterproof formula so do have a good wear with no smudging on me throughout the day. The magic self sharpening simply happens when you screw the lid back on. There is a mechanism within (at the end of the lid) that will give the pencils back their perfect point each time you re-open and go to use.

In comparison to the Kevyn Aucoin ones, which I have a few shades of, these are VERY similar and I would say pretty much the same in terms of wear, application and I actually think the colours of the PUR ones are slightly better. Save yourself that tenner.

What other brands do you know that do self-sharpening pencils? I think the idea is really interesting.