BIG Monthly Favourites + Fails!

So I missed last month’s post on my favourites + fails so this one is a bit of a mega one. A makeup heavy one this month, with only a couple of skincare items wowing me and a few random bits thrown in (poo drops anyone?!)

As always my Fails are *just* in my You Tube video so please go and have a a watch (& SUBSCRIBE OBVS) over there if you wanna see what I’m throwing in the bin. Also: Hilda is introduced sooooooo….

M O N T H L Y   F A V O U R I T E S


It’s a makeup heavy session. Lots of new launches have been coming out on the brink of the new season & some old favourites appearing. Two products from my high-street favourite KIKO : The Highlighting Effect Fluid Concealer is possibly my product of the month -it’s so good! I haven’t actually tried *any* of the KIKO concealers before this and I’m definitely going to go into the store to explore more of them after this. It’s a typical click-brush-pen highlighting concealer, so perfect for brightening areas, and I have been using it under my eyes to give me that instant *8 hour sleep* look. I also love the fact that these feel really luxe and expensive but only set you back £7.90.

Another new product from KIKO is the Mini Divas Baked Eyeshadow in 03 Ritual Golden Brown which is from of their newer collections. I love everything about this baked eyeshadow and the warm brown tone is right up my street for a day-to-evening colour and has great payoff, it’s easy to blend AND it has a lovely pearlescent finish. What I love even more is the miniature sizes of this (and the other items in this collection) : how often do you want to buy a miniature makeup item for travel, to try out or simply knowing that you never finish *any* makeup?! I wish you could buy mini makeup EVERYTHING as this is genius!

The new foundation from Bareminerals : Barepro Performance Wear Liqud Foundation SPF20 is a great long wear foundation and I really rate it – full review here for the full lowdown wth before and afters etc. For a quick overview : It’s a great oil-free medium-buildable coverage liquid foundation that brightens, evens and improves the skin over time and feels like second skin.

An oldie but a goodie is the Kevyn Aucoin Precision Brow Pencil. I used this religiously when they first launched in the Uk (maybe around 6 years ago?!) and have since swayed onto others including the Benefit / Anastasia etc but I am back to this at the moment and loving even more than before. Very fine / precise / a good hard lead and the shade ‘brunette’ is my jam. The Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner is such a cult makeup item and I have been using the ‘Mad Max Brown’ shade for 3 years+ now solely on my brows (see more on my full brow routine here!) BUT I had never actually used the black one, simply because I have a long-term love affair with the DHC liquid eyeliner. However, I picked up this black version of the KVD eyeliner in Sephora last year (wanna see my ridiculous haul? > it’s here) and have NEVER GOT ROUND TO OPENING IT….until now. I love it, it’s a simple as that and quite similar to my beloved DHC liquid eyeliner.

I always seem to be featuring something from Too Faced in my monthly round ups and this month gives a nod to the newest highlighter on the block the Love Light Prismatic Highlighter. This has had a bit of flack on some of the reviews, but for me it gives me what I need and I absolutely love the ‘Ray of Light’ shade which is rose gold. I have also been loving the Quick Brush‘ from Blank Canvas which is a synthetic, multi-purpose large brush. I like the short handle, the hairs are really soft and it can be used with both liquid and powders. Also….look at those colourssssss.

Two makeup palettes have been at the top of the pile this month. SNORE, sorry yes but one is indeed the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette. I have been using this daily pretty much for 2 weeks now since I got it and have been trying out different looks, the different formulas and the wear. I’m liking it a lot and it needs a definite mention simply because of how much I have been wearing it. Still unsure whether to do do the full breakdown / review / my thoughts as it is absolutely EVERYWHERE at the moment. The other palette is something I am very happy about is my custom Z palette that I made a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t think the NARS blushers would fit in it, but I squeezed them in and I am now the proud owner of a 10-nars-blusher palette which homes all of my favourite and most-used shades in one sleek palette. A great space saver, and as you may know : NARS makeup packaging does not age well!


Chantecaille Flower Harmonising Cream. Sob, another tub has come to the end. This ons one of *those* moisturisers that I absolutely love but it’s quite pricey so I have been buying it when I’m flush on and off for over the lat 10 years or so. It’s such a beautiful cream, packed with rosewater and plant/flower botanicals that is one of the most soothing and gentle face creams ever. Keeping my eyes in check have been the Christian Breton Eye patches. THESE WORK. I’ve just finished my last pack so will be re-purchasing on the double : cooling, anti-inflammatory, de-puffing, soothing and everything else in between. Perfect for when you aren’t feeling too sharp in the AM.

Bath / Body / AOB.

Aesop Post-Poo drops. Ok so random but I just need o give these a mention as actually, I have had these for a few years now and they are always a talking point for guests, they REALLY work, they say the most hilarious shit on the bottle (no pun intended) and these are such a good house gift for pals IF they have as good as humour as you.

Giving me showers of dreams is the Antipodes Namaste Hand & Body Wash. The unsung hero from this incredible skincare range. I always bang on about their face creams, masks etc but the bath & body care is actually really rather good and often overlooked. The Namaste is a gorgeous scent blend of Lime, Kiwi Seed and Black Pepper. Unisex heaven.

I love aromatherapy and invest in it a lot : The This Works Stress Check Breathe In roll on has been top of my list this month. I love a handbag roll-on and have used many different brands and this is one of the best and also, a great price. I use this throughout the day to calm my thoughts, nurture and soothe my mind. Sticking with scents but onto the eau de toilette of the moment and it’s the newest Diptyque : Eau Des Sens. It’s more summery as it is Juniper & Orange Blossom, but it’s such a beautiful feel-good daytime scent for me.

Colour Freedom hair colours – ALL! I Have been giving this brand lots of mentions over the last few months as they are what I am buying by the tonne to keep my hair in perfect pastel shape. I love the Non-Permanent Hair Colourants for just refreshing the colour and re-tinting with Coral Blush being the choice of the summer. I have recently gone back to lilac/purple and for this I used the permanent colour in shades Silver Violet and Graphite Grey which is a dreamy combo.

Have you been loving any of these bits as much as me? Perhaps you haven’t got on with a product that I have mentioned? Let me know!