Summer Holiday Body Preparation & Preening.

Baring all doesn’t have to be *that* scary when you are going on your hols or simply baring more as the heat intensifies. The thought of getting my pale wobbly arms out terrifies me a little bit BUT with a little help of fake tan I always feel a little more confident and ready.

I’ve hand-selected a bunch of beauty products that I am using to get myself a little more body confident and holiday ready : whether it is to add a bit of colour, firm my wobbly bits, and generally just pamper and rejuvenate my skin that is, for the most part, hidden away behind grey knit and leggings any other time of the year. *sighs as I have to paint my toe nails*

My absolute holiday must-have for this year is the Gatineau Tan Accelerating Lotion*. This is a clever and hard working body lotion that should be used both pre, during AND post holiday to get the full benefits. It’s you normal (glorious) body lotion but it also has an ingredient within called MAP (melanin activating pigment) which boosts the melanin in your skin so you get a subtle glow/slight tan without the sun OR any DHA < this is the fake tan ingredient. If you use these pre-holiday you will tan deeper, quicker and for longer as the melanin is already stimulated in your skin. Also, use during and after as your normal body cream and this will in turn prolong your tan = CLEVER. On a side note this also smells gorgeous as it contains vanilla and sweet orange and is dreamy vibes.

Have you heard of The Hayo’u Method yet? I spoke about this more in-depth here and about the fabulous products they do. In short they use ancient Chinese medicine to improve your body’s circulation, functionality, overall well-being and ultimately to de-stress your mind and muscles. There is a specific method and massage you can do (known as Gua Sha) which only takes a few minutes a day both on the face and body to firm and tone. The Body Restorer* is a small, stainless steel tool that can be used all over the body along with your favourite body oil and cream to alleviate stress, tension, detox,stimulate lymphatic drainage and even help with sleep! The benefits are endless and I highly recommend you look into this brand if you are even feeling tense, stressed, overworked and anxious – both in the mind and body.

To smooth anf brighten my skin, I am loving the new REN Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium Salt Body Scrub. Also, great pre-tanning to avoid unsightly patchy areas. This is quite a thick balm-texture that is best massaged all over the body pre-shower to get the full benefits. It contains real salt AND Epsom salt so it gives a really thorough scrub and helps with detoxing the body at the same time.

One of the no.1 things for myself and feeling body confident is fake tanning :  I just feel so much more better with a glow! Tan-Luxe The Water is one of my go-to’s at the moment as it’s quick, colourless and leaves me with a really nice, deep ran overnight. They do face tanning drops also, but I find this spray works on both my face & body. TIP: Use this with a mitt to avoid streaks!

Last up the body glow-givers : the Nuxe Huile Prodigeuse OR is probably one of the most famous body glow oils and with good reason! It contains numerous precious oils to nourish and hydrate the skin and also leaves it with a shimmery sheen of gold; I love this in the PM’s on holiday to show off a tan AND IT SMELLS OF BEACH & HOLIDAYS! Another oil I use all-year round is the This Works Energy Bank Body Makeover. This supercharges your skin with a cocktail of Rosehip Seed, Passion Flower and Juniper oils that promise to firm, smooth and nourish the skin = Perfect if you want your skin to be absolutely radiant but don’t fancy any colour or shimmer.

Can you spot any of your favourites? What are your go-to body preening products? More importantly ; WHERE are you going on holiday this year?

*Press Samples