How I Maintain My Pastel Hair Colour.

HINT: It’s not easy being pastel. 

I’ve had quite a few people ask about my hair colour / what I’m using at the moment to get this shade so I wanted to share with you my current routine of staying a perfect pastel tone.

I’ve had *many* trials and tribulations on the way to becoming pastel ; mainly the horrendous bleaching process to get it light enough. YES, you need to be a very light blonde to get the pastels to look ‘ pastel’ if that makes sense. Once you have achieved the blonde, which is the hardest part, it’s simply about maintaining the colour you like and washing colour in and out of your hair.

Pastel Colours DO NOT last long.

Pastel colours are pale aka contain low pigments, that’s the nature of the colour. They aren’t staying in for longer than 2 weeks (absolute max) so be prepared to rinse colour through your hair around once a week to keep the colour in.

For example, if I am wanting to be pastel pink , I will dye my hair a bit heavier with the pink dye so it comes out quite bright and within 2-3 washes it will be that lovely saturated baby pink.

My @ Home Method:

Every 3 weeks I do a *heavy dye*. This is when I get those latex gloves on, get the mixing bowl out and apply a nice rich dose of colour on my dry hair pre-wash. For my current hair colour, I am using Colour Freedom Hair Colours* and mixing a tiny bit of Pink Pizazz with a bigger dollop of Coral Flush and with an even bigger dollop of The Pasteliser which gives it a slightly softer payoff onto the hair. The ratio of my colours as is in the below photo & underneath that is how it looks before I apply it onto my hair. The Colour Freedom Pasteliser is basically a nourishing creme/ conditioner-style product that can be mixed in with any neat colour to create a pastel colour.

I will leave it on for maybe 45mins and then wash as usual. This is when it will be it’s brightest. As the colour gradually fades, I give it a boost maybe 1-2 a week by adding the Colour Freedom shade of choice into my conditioner to refresh the colour. I mix about a 10p piece in with a dollop of conditioner.

The colour itself is not damaging to the hair at all, it’s the bleach process that is. From this my hair is not in great condition so I treat myself to really good shampoo, conditioner and hair masks to re-hydrate and soften me hair. Oils are also great for treatments.

Share with me any tips or tricks you have for pastel hair colours: Any favourite brands? Is it ever something you have though of doing? Have you ever bleached your hair?

*Colour Freedom sent me a bunch of their colours a while ago and they were lilac/grey so I couldn’t use the colours as I am now pink/peach. So off the back of this I went out and purchased the colours I needed & since then I have been purchasing the coral Blush like it’s going out of fashion!!