Beauty Tips : Keeping Cool & Fresh in the Summer HEAT!

Wow what a scorcher it has been these last few days in the UK ; and I don’t think there is any signs of it cooling down anytime soon. I love the heat and this glorious weather IF I am poolside or seaside, but I do find it a little unbearable walking about London in it, getting the tube, working etc etc….I am a bit of a hot, sweaty mess in fairness.

I’ve picked out a few of my beauty favourites that help you keep cool & fresh-feeling in the midst of a heatwave or perhaps on holiday.

Deodorant. Respect your fellow public transport goers! I am always carrying around this Soft & Gentle deodorant atm, which is aluminium free yet feels like a *proper* deodrant! I get a little paranoid about being *that* whiffy person on the tube but also, because it’s a spray, it just actually feels really cool and fresh when you re-apply.

Got2b Fresh it Up dry shampoo. Possibly one of the most refreshing and lovely dry shampoo’s I have used. Feels almost cooling, smells wonderful and fresh AND this is such a good way of making you feel a little more fresh and clean in a jiffy. Desk to disco essential!

Jalue Ice Therapy Masks. These are something I have never tried before or anything similar. These are sachets of loose powder/ herbs that you dilute with hot water then put into an accompanying silicone cone-type thing and pop into the freezer. (imagine like a short, fat mr freeze!) Remove when you want to use it and apply the frozen mask directly over the face in circular motions to de-puff, revive, cool and enliven the skin. The herbal mixture contains Chamomile, Rose, Sage, Nettle & Oak Bark = this is super innovative/unique and PERFECT to cool you down in an instant with added skin benefits.

Carmex lip balm ‘Lime Twist’. I am really liking this at the moment and in all honesty I initially turned my nose up at the scent as thought it was a little gimmicky/ childish. I was wrong. This  Leaves my lips feeling super nourished and comfortable and with the added flavour of lime twist also is fresh and zingy. I *think* this is a seasonal/limited edition flavour so pick one up whilst you can! Also has SPF15 protection. Yeahhhhh-orrrrrr.

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist. Instant gratification in a bottle! This is a firm favourite and was created for the Queen of Hungary to keep her looking PENG. It contains Rose Damask, Orange Flower Water, Sage Leaf water all infused in the mineral-enriched hungarian water. This not only feels super cooling and refreshing on the skin, but it wakes up the senses, brightens your skin, tones, tightens and enlivens.

DHC Oil Blotting Papers. Oily girls like myself aren’t the only ones to suffer from shiny faces in the summer heat ; these slimline blotting papers are the perfect accompaniment to slip into your handbag for non-makeup touch ups, de-shining, de-greasing and simply freshening up your makeup. An absolute MUST-HAVE.

Face Wipes. Or wetwipes. I like these Kazkaza ones I picked up in my huge Sephora haul here as the packaging is slimline and they are a decent quality. You never know when you may need a wet wipe! I press a wipe gently onto my face to cool my skin down without removing any makeup, and then wipe the excess ‘moist’ onto my hands to make them feel clean and lovely.

What are your go-to refreshing products in this weather? Have you tried any of these?