NEW Rimmel Super Gel ‘Beach Ready Collection’ Nail Polish

OK cliche blog post alert : SOZ. Everyone is writing about these new Rimmel Super Gel nail varnishes, and here I am doing the same. Rimmel are launching 5 new spangly shades : summer-themed, bright and a little bit fabulous.

Why are these polishes different? They are gel-like in formula and finish and they promise *up* to 14 days of wear. I mean, shit… 14 days?! If these do they they will undoubtedly be an absolute sell-out but for some reason I don’t doubt they are long wear, but not for 2 weeks. They cost £5.99 so even if I get 5 days out of them I’ll be happy ; I struggle with polishes staying on anyway due to my work and how hands-on I am in pretty much everything I do – I rarely have polish on and I NEVER manicure, have gels etc as they are just not conducive to my work as a professional makeup artist (stabbing people’s faces/ eyes and having makeup caked underneath long nails is not fabulously hygenic).

There are 5 new shades coming in this Super Gel range. The gel top coat is colourless and this gives the colour protection and longevity….heads up : you kinda need this. I have applied my favourite shade which is ‘Purple Splash’ and I have followed the easy instructions :  apply 2 (thin) coats of chosen nail colour followed by the top coat. So far, so good : they apply quickly and easily (the brush is wide) and the process didn’t take much longer than applying a normal coat of polish and waiting for it to dry. The colour looks good, I didn’t get any streaks or bubbling of the polish like a few have reported (these polishes have had *very* mixed reviews) but I am happy with them thus far. 

On the 14-day wear thing, as I’ve mentioned above, I cannot imagine this would even be possible, but if they last up to 5 on me, I would be happy/ surprised! > polish DOES NOT stay on these fingertips! I’ve only been wearing the Super Gel polish for 1 day so I cannot report much more, I will update maybe within a week to see how it lasted on me.

As for the colour selection, I wish they had thrown in a few more unusual/ interesting colours but that’s just my personal preference. A bright yellow or green would have been a good addition!

What do you think of the Rimmel Super Gel Beach Ready Collection? Have you tried these polishes before?

These polishes will be launching any day now!