An Introduction to Nyasa Skincare.

Nyasa skincare is a relatively new brand on my radar and I want to share with you my thoughts and what it’s all about. This is a luxury british-born (yay!) skincare brand that combines nature, science and ancient traditions to awaken the senses and gain results.

If you are a skincare junkie & like your NUDE skincare, Tata Harper, Antipodes, Sunday Riley, Oskia, Omorovicza-type brands :   then stay tuned in.

The NYASA regime is based around 2 key ingredients : The Resurrection plant & Swertiamarin plant. 

The Resurrection plant is known for it’s unique abilities to survive extreme periods of drought : continuously renewing and regenerating itself though the toughest conditions. On the face, this helps to protect, renew & strengthen our delicate skin.

Swertiamarin plant is an indian plant recognised for it’s anti inflammatory & soothing properties. It has been used for hundreds of years in Ayurvedic medicine.

NYASA is a small and refines range of skincare with just 6 products in their regime. 2 of those products I have tried (& loved) so here is the lowdown and why/if you need it.

Luminosity Super Serum. A powerhouse of NYASA key ingredients and I think ”the one” product that is worth investing in first. It is concentrated, potent and it WORKS. It contains aforementioned Resurrection Plant & Purnavana, alongside MSM to tone and firm the skin, Liquorice extract to even skin tone and brighten, AHA fruit acids to gently stimulate cell turnover & essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Neroli & Bergamot. I literally cannot fault this serum. All the ingredients my skin loves, I am really enjoying using it and it’s perfect for a daily serum. Skin types : suitable for all. I am combination so my skin loves AHA’s that keep it bright & refined. On a side not Ylang Ylang is my favourite essential oil so I absolutely love the scent.

New dawn Rejuvenating Daily Moisturiser. This is their every day cream (they do a night balm) that  is directed to all skin types. It is balancing and clarifying (good for a combo skin like me) and has a nice lightweight feel and texture. Not only does it re-balance and nourish, but this day cream also targets pigmentation, uneven skin tone, fine lines and firming the skin. It contains Resurrection plant, Swiss Garden Cress, MSM and precious essential oils. 

I am someone who likes to invest in skincare, so would (begrudgingly but) absolutely spend this kind of money on serums and moisturisers (hey I’m mid-thirties ya know).  I haven’t liked a new skincare brand like this for a long time and I can safely say I will be investing in more of the products off the back of trying these 2. I know my ingredients, I’m pretty skin-savvy and NYASA is ticking all of my boxes.

Next up, I’m going to try the Nourishing cleansing balm. I am a sucker for names, but the fact that is is called PURE GLOW makes me want it on my face immediately! I also love an oil-based cleanser to remove all my face in the PM so this is next on the NYASA hit list for me.

Have you heard or even tried this skincare brand before? Does it sound like something you would invest in?