The Beautyblender : Ultimate Guide.

Always imitated never duplicated.

For those who still haven’t dipped your toe into the big wide Beautyblender world : Here’s a lil’ guide to see you through.

They just are the best makeup sponges that I have used ; They are soft, pliable, they seem to work better than the dupes when wet and they are easy on the face and around the eyes. They pioneered the modern makeup sponge and for that alone, I think they deserve your attention and money over the competitors.

The key 3 Beautyblender sponges.

The pink original one is the one that is most recognisable – I remember using this back in makeup school around 10 years ago! Over the last few years, mainly thanks to You Tube, the Beauty Blender has seen a huge surge in popularity and with this, they’ve expanded the makeup sponge family from 1 to 6 sponges including blusher and concealer.

The best-selling Beautyblender (pink) is ideal for foundation as it allows full coverage over the face in no time. It can also be flipped round so the pointed end can be used under the eyes and in the harder-to-reach areas. This is the one I tend to use the most.

The Beautyblusher (grey) is the great medium-sized sponge perfect (as expected) for anything cheek-related. It has more precision for blusher and highlighter due to it’s size ; you can use any of the sponges with liquid OR powder but personally I find these work best with cream or liquid blushers/ highlighters.

The weeny Mini Beautyblender (neon green) are THE ONES for all your concealing and precision needs. Also great for applying cream contour all over the face before blending.

They also do lots of great sets online that I’ve been eyeing up : this All About the Face set includes all 3 of the above and a sponge cleansing soap for £35 which is an absolute bargain!

How to Use a BeautyBlender:

Wet your sponge with something : water, facial spray, serum….even primer. Then squeeze out any excess and bounce the sponge (with product) across the face until it’s blended, flawless and smooth. If you desire more coverage, simply focus on an area and build up the foundation here. Once used, you can clean it with either the designated Beautyblender cleansers (they do x2) and leave it to dry overnight as you would your makeup brushes. Hand soap / clarifying shampoo, anything antibacterial works a treat too! TIP: Keep the plastic pot your Beautyblender comes in as this is perfect to dry your sponge on/in if you sit it on top @ an angle.

Have you used the infamous Beautyblender? Have you found a dupe that is as good?