Soley Organics Tvaer Sjtornur Candle.

Tvaer Sjtornur (Two Stars)

‘Each moment passes swiftly, 

And along it’s course I’m led, 

And I don’t have a chance to choose, 

The paths that lie ahead, 

But I have to hope it send some, 

Pleaseant thoughts my way, 

And leads me to you finally, 

Forever to stay.’

I love my candles, but we know that. I am constantly searching out and trying new brands, fragrances and wax types and love handmade and natural formula if possible. This candle, from Soley Organics ‘Tvaer Stornur’ is the newest on the block so I wanted to show it off to you, as it’s currently my every PM bath candle.

First up > Soley Organics. This is a certified organic range hailing from Iceland and it was officially founded in 2007. They key active ingredients that they use in their skincare (it’s mainly skincare) are wild-harvested & hand collected (fancy) from Iceland’s highlands by the founder, Soley herself – and possibly lots of other people as that would make for some very hard work! All the products are then handmade is a small village between a Fjord and mountain Kaldbakur, with all water for the products taken from the spring from this mountain – DREAMY. I don’t know about you but I already love this brand and am yet to try any of the skincare.

Back to the candle. This is a handmade candle made from beeswax and vegetable wax. The scent is warming and gorgeous : cardamom, mandarin & ginger. Possibly more on the autumn-winter side than spring summer but I love these kind of scents all year round.

What attracted me to the candle initially was the packaging and I love the way it looks and the poem on the jar which is translated above ‘ Two Stars’. I just think it’s a really nice touch and I will be definitely saving this jar after it has burnt. I recycle most of my candle jars FYI you can read more about that here.

It has a burning time of 60 hours and costs £32. This is a great price for a high quality & natural candle: Diptyque have the same burning time and are made from a cheaper wax FYI.

Soley Organics is available from John Bell & Croydon.