Brand Introduction : 3 to Try from SJAL Skincare for the ULTIMATE at-home facial.

SJAL skincare review

SJAL skincare is certainly a very niche brand and regime and although it has been around for 15 years + , I only got introduced to it last year so a fairly new thing on my skincare radar.

In general, I find SJAL quite a complex brand to grasp ; as in it’s not your usual , run-of-the-mill skincare that blabs about innovative peptides, the BEST retinol, the MOST potent form of vitamin C (*eye roll*) and so forth. They combine ancient eastern medicine & western advanced biotechnology and it has a HUGE focus around precious stones, gems & minerals including gold, silver, copper, zinc, diamond, ruby & sapphire.

The minerals are said to ‘charge’ the skincare as they are electro-stimulants and thus increase skin cell productivity, performance, repair & penetration and helping enhance the effect of the other ingredients.

The precious stones & gems that are within the skincare which naturally vibrate at a higher frequency promoting increased cellular energy, microcirculation & clarity.

Are you still with me?

In a nutshell it’s all about ENERGISING & improving the FUNCTIONALITY of your skin.

I was fortunate enough to be sent a selection of travel sizes from the range to try out the different products and WOWzers this skincare is insanely good, albeit very pricey, so I wanted to share with you my top 3 products to try if luxury skincare is your thang. These 3 products give you the ultimate red-carpet (or in my case ; just my beige, herman-torn carpet) facial and my skin was the best it has ever been after an at-home treatment. Literally. I used them in the order as below and my skin was like what I imagine a 16-yr old mermaid’s to be.

SJAL Pearl enzyme exfoliating mask

1.) Pearl Enzyme Brightening Exfoliator

A triple-action mask that detoxifies the pores, brightens the skin’s complexion & improves microcirculation. The combination of crushed pearl (yep, pearl) & powerful enzymes exfoliate the skin with a double-pronged attack. It also has the SJAL signature ‘gemstone blend’ including blue sapphire, diamond, ruby & amethyst for clarity and circulation.

TO USE: I use this onto my damp, cleansed skin, as part 1 of my mini facial. It feels really effective and you can feel the product really sloughing off dead skin (the particles are quite abrasive, although I’m told still absolutely fine for a sensitive skin). I massage it on my skin then leave it on for 10 minutes to let the enzymes get to work.

2.) Kashmir Saphir Perfecting Mask

A firming and restorative mask that softens the skin, calms irritation and smooths over the pores for baby-like skin. Contains blue lotus & kashmir blue sapphire, blue copper & platinum.

TO USE: I use this straight after the Pearl Enzyme Mask for the ultimate facial. I apply it over my dry skin and simply leave it on for 10-15 minutes to get to work and then wipe of with a warm cleansing cloth. It’s not a mask that stings or dries.

3.) Saphir Concentrate Anti-Ageing Face Oil

A face oil also referred to as ‘liquid silk’ and it is the ultimate luxury face oil-elixir that I have probably EVER used. It’s outstanding. It’s a weightless face oil…..but really so…..almost feels like a serum when you apply it and I have been using it in a multitude of ways on my face. It contains 14 precious oils that provide barrier protection & hydration. Also a potent bio-marine complex that revitalises the skin and improves cell synthesis. There is also a Lavender complex to add a soothing and muscle-relaxing element.

TO USE: You can apply it solo as a PM oil, under your cream as a serum-oil but ALSO over or mixed in with your serum to give it a boost which is how I love to use it (no moisturiser needed over the top on my skin).

SJAL Kashmir Saphir perfecting mask

I’ve been really eeking out these 3 and saving them for special occasions and it’s what I am turning to when my skin is really down in the dumps. The brand IS luxury and the prices reflect this with the oil being £117, the pearl exfoliator is £110 and the Kasmir mask is a snip at £100. Eye-watering > ABSOLUTELY. However the precious & expensive ingredients along with the science & research that goes into these products do reflect the higher price point. I absolutely get that, and I know my skincare well enough to know that it’s not just a loada crap in fancy packaging a la….ooooo I’m not gonna go there by naming a brand that does exactly this. If you have the budget for high-end skincare then I would say to try the Kashmir mask to dip your toe into SJAL to see if it is for you.

Have you heard of SJAL skincare? What is your ultimate luxury at-home-facial go to’s when your skin needs a serious pep talk?