Artis Brush Dupe : The Crownbrush Rose Gold Contour Set.

Crownbrush rose gold contour brushes

These paddle-type brushes are being seen more and more in recent times and I want to share with you the best budget version I have tried ; The Crownbrush Rose Gold contour Set.  If you want to take the art of applying makeup to the next level, then your brush collection isn’t complete without these ;  modern, dynamic, precise and innovative, these brushes apply makeup flawlessly for that perfect finish, and can be used with both powder AND cream makeup.

I’ve used a few budget-dupes of the Artis brushes, and thus far, the Crownbrush ones have won hands down. First up ; the look. These brushes are a beautiful rose gold pink colour and they look so pretty. Yes, I am *that* shallow. Secondly, they are really nice to use ;  soft with firm but supple bundles of super soft hair that feel really smooth across the skin. Thirdly ; they DO NOT BREAK. Like you can bend these brushes almost back on themselves and they don’t snap. Yes to buffing like your life depends on it, travel and not worrying about how much pressure you are applying. The fibres we use are high quality, 100% synthetic and vegan friendly.

The Crownbrush Rose Gold brushes are only currently available in this set of 3 but I am hoping this year they will be sale individually and maybe even launch an extension of these.

crownbrush rose gold palette Crownbrush Rose gold contour makeup brush setCrownbrush Rose Gold brushesartis brush dupe crownbrush

How to Use these brushes.

Paddle brushes are designed to be an extension of the fingertips, and although initially they may feel strange to use, it doesn’t take long until your are applying makeup like a pro. You simply glide the brush over your skin and let the fibres do the blending and work for you. The shape of the brushes glide over the contour and shape of your face.

These brushes are designed to be used by you on you ; I find them tricky using them on other people’s faces. Saying that, some makeup artist’s I know love having paddle brushes in their kit.

As they are synthetic, you can use these brushes with either cream, liquid or powder. I personally prefer them with cream or liquid. As the name suggests, these brushes are perfect for contouring and sculpting the skin, but I also love these for my foundation and concealer. I tend to use the large on for foundation, the medium one for contour and the small one for under eye concealer.

Artis Brush VS Crownbrush.

Artis are probably the most well-known and ‘original’ paddle makeup brush that are insanely beautiful, soft and glorious BUT they come at a very hefty price. Plus it’s not uncommon for them to break if you are a little wayward with your blending and/or makeup application. That saying, they are fantastic brushes, in my experience, and they need a nod as they were the original brand to launch these brushes.

Crownbrush are a great dupe for the Artis brushes if you are after something a little less pricey and a LOT more sturdy. They are similar in length and shape to the most popular of the Artist Brushes (Oval 4,6 & 7) with the smallest of the set being my favourite which is very similar to the oval 4 from artis. I love this for under-eye concealing.

The Rose Gold Contour Brush set is currently available on the Crownbrush Website and you get all 3 brushes for a reasonable £29.99 .