10 People to Follow on Social & Why.

I flip in and out of reading blogs and watching You Tube but this month I started the new year with an intention of reading more, showing more love to other bloggers and influencers PLUS I’ve just started a You Tube channel so I started watching a hella lot more (tbh I watched like 7 videos before this year had begun eek)!

I wanted to share with you some of my absolute current *go-to’s* in the world of my social media.  I have done a few posts like this, and it does chop and change so this is an updated/2017/January version. These are the people who I will actively GO FIND their pages on various platforms to have a skulk, lurk, watch & general stalk to see what they are up to. And my reasons why.

Dr Evan Antin – Instagram. cuz…

Source : Dr Evan Antin Instagram

Zoe NewloveBlog. One word ‘PHOTOGRAPHY GOALS’. Yes that’s two words. Zoe is my go-to-gal for getting inspiration for blog photography and ‘how-the-hell-to’. She has some super handy tips and posts on blog photography, cameras and general tech things which I always refer back to (amongst countless Whats’app messages) to give me the help I so often need! I’ve struggled with my blog photography since forever and her advice to buy the Olympus 45mm last month has helped me SO MUCH in producing fancy pictures for this blog.

Source : Zoe Newlove Instagram

Laurzrah/ Laura – Blog. I only met Laura last year as she shaded me @ an event saying how ‘I didn’t follow her back on twitter’ GULP. So I did immediately, but not begrudgingly. She makes me laugh pretty much daily on the Twitter, plus her blog, which I thus discovered after, is FANTASTIC. I think she pretty much delivers daily content, and her blog is beautiful, pictures are awesome and it’s full of good shit.

Source: Laurzrah Instagram

The Cats Love Inc / Helen Twitter & Instagram. A wonderful bit-of-everything-but-mainly-fashion blogger who has a seriously glorious Instagram that I am forever jealous of. Down-to-earth and simply delivers great content, amazing fashion-spo’ and some seriously drool-worthy cookie, brownie and sweet-thing recipes that keep my winter coat (layers of fat) very warm.

Source: The Love Cats Inc Instagram

Wonderful U / Megs – Instagram & You Tube I LOVE HER FACE & HAIR. Does that sound creepy?! She is my girl crush and she is SUCH a lovely girl and I think that emulates through all her social media. Meg’s blog content is not your run-of-the-mill typical regurgitated crap either : It’s interesting, different, original and I always look at her makeup/style and swoon a bit.

Source : @Wonderful_U Instagram

Stef NicoleYouTube. I only recently discovered Stef after *that* Jeffree Star YT video that we all know and love. I immediately subscribed and followed-stalked her on every social media outlet possible. Honest, raw, no bullshit and I also *kinda* love the fact that her Instagram is not pretty – it’s just stuff that she is genuinely doing or thinking in real time. LOVE. Her You Tube videos give quite literally THE MOST in-depth and honest makeup reviews ever and she is one of the only *big ones* I would say I genuinely believe.

Source: Steph Nicole (You Tube)

Isamaya FfrenchInstagram. As a blogger you may not have heard of Isamaya, as a makeup artist you most definitely have..or should have. If you skip to her Insta your intial thoughts may be ‘ EW’ ‘WTF’. Look a little further and you will see that she it an absolutely incredible artist, creative and general bad-ASS. she is a constant makeup and art inspiration and I just love the stuff she creates. NO INSTAGRAM MAKEUP HERE BISHES.

Source : Isamaya Ffrench Instagram

Moises Art NYCInstagram. I adore Moises and his skills dumbfound me constantly. Just look at those his face charts his paintings and immerse yourself into a world of colour and talent. Aside from his ridic skills, he seems like a genuinely gorgeous and humble person. A true artist in every damn sense. And he loves dogs.

Source: Moises Ramirez Instagram

Rebecca B Makeup  – Instagram. Rebecca has an amazingly bright & beautiful Instagram account and she posts such great content of creative makeup, behind-the-scenes, her designs, backstage at ALL the shows and lots of glitter. If you like MAC makeup, she is your one to go-follow for all the sneak peaks and previews of the new product launches.

Source: Rebecca Butterworth Instagram

Jamie GenevieveInstagram. I guess a kinda typical Instagram-makeup-gurl, which I’m not usually a *huge* fan of BUT I love everything about her. Her makeup skills are insane and more importantly she comes across as such a lovely & fun person ; I love her style, I think she is gorgeous and she has a cute massive dog who makes cameo appearances in her vids. I can see exactly why she has become so popular.

Source: Jamie Genevieve Instagram

Who are your current social media faves?! Please share >>