Temple Spa Trufflesque Ultra Hydration & Radiance Mask.

Want the ultimate luxe treat for your skin that will help plump, hydrate and brighten your skin for those special occasions? Then look no further than the Temple Spa Trufflesque Mask : decadent ingredients, GOLD in colour and promises to give you that instant facial in a tub.

This mask is not one for a hap-hazard weekly use on a Sunday PM as you sink a glass of wine in the bath trying to forget that tomorrow is Monday (just me then?). This mask is a luxury, a special occasion mask and something I think you will reach for when you want your skin to be red carpet ready and looking it’s best.

Temple Spa is a skincare range that is spa-born and inspired. Aromatherapy is infused with actives to create a beautiful and results-driven skincare range. The award-winning Truffle skincare range is pure luxury and is possibly one of their most well-know lines…the signature Skin Truffle Cream was awarded the highest score ever in 17 years of the infamous Beauty Bible Awards. This Trufflesque mask is a continuation of the range and the latest product to launch,

What is this mask?

It is a power-packed anti-ageing treat for your skin that increases hydration, plumps the skin, lifts, tightens & firms with claims to boost collagen to boot. It contains black summer truffles, gold and silk peptides (natch), strawberry stem cells (really?!) , Amino Acids & a Hydra-Plump complex. The slighty unusual-looking mask also contains diamond powder & gold particles to give it that amazing iridescent and decadent finish. Wow-WEE: All sounds very decadent.

How To Use.

Apply the gold elixir all over your cleansed face (not directly under the eyes) and leave on for at least 20 minutes. I’ve gone longer – fine. Then wipe off with a cloth/flannel. With these kind of fancy masks, DO NOT cleanse or wash your face after, you want to leave any of the goodness that has been infused in your skin……..in /on your skin!

My Thoughts.

I really like it. My skin looks fantastic after I have used this mask, and I have used it alongside potent exfoliators (this one in particular) and my skin has looked insanely smooth and gorgeous after. I will update it with some before/afters if it is of interest (holla in the comments). It’s an absolute treat and for me personally, I can see that my skin is smoother, more plump looking and my pores *appear* more refined. Will it help me with long-term anti-ageing? I don’t think so as my fancy serums and other potions do that but it would be interesting to see if anyone has found this does help with the appearance of wrinkles? I always assume because it’s something you remove off your skin for the most-part, it can’t really do anything that long-term. Correct me if I am wrong.

This is an expensive and luxury mask, like I have previously suggested, this is a special treat, not your once-a-week. I think you could get a good one year out of this pot (perhaps 25-30 masks in this large 60ml tub) so with the amount of ‘special occasions’ and events you go to, you can kind of work out how long it will last for you and if it’s worth it for you.

The Trufflesque mask is available on the Templespa website & Harrods and costs £50.