August Beauty Favourites.

I’ve just got back home after a week away in the gorgeous Isles of Scilly, so apologies for the lack of blog posts. I took my laptop with me with all the intentions of getting a few things done, but of course, life and fun took over and this is the first time I have creaked open my dusty MAC in over 7 days. A little late to the game, but first up is my August Beauty Favourites. 

Let’s get stuck straight in.

Urban Veda Sandalwood + Botanics Body Scrub. I have a few bodycare products from Urban Veda in this lovely Sandalwood scent, and for some reason I have really taken to this body scrub. It is really aromatic, herby and lovely and I think both men and women will like this woody, fresh scent. The scrubby particles aren’t overly abrasive but enough so to give your dead skin a good slough and polish and it’s also great for the removal of over-zealous fake tanning patches on knees and elbows. It contains 13 bio-oils which explains the wonderful spa-like smell. Urban Veda is a range that is relatively new to me, and I think it’s probably best summed up as a budget (yet natural) version of Aveda.

This Works Energy Bank Hand Makeover. I am nearly at the end of this faithful hand balm. It has a lovely texture, feel, smell and the key thing I think that puts this hand cream above many others is that it instantly makes your hands look younger, smoother and brighter. It likes makeup for your hands but it has no colour or anything just blurring pigments that give a flattering soft-focus finish to the most weary of hands. Also contains Vitamin E, Blackcurrant Oil & Shea Butter to nourish and protect your hands and it seems to really help with my rough, chapped skin. 

Byredo Gypsy Water Eau De Parfum. Eurgh, Byredo, why you so pricey yet glorious?! I think what first attracted me to the brand was their fragrance names ; Mister Marvelous, Mojave Ghost, Olivers People and the Sunday Cologne amongst others. 

Gypsy Water is a glamourisation of romany lifestyle ; the earthy scent of forests, soil & campfires. Sounds bizarre, smells glorious. Key notes include Juniper Berries, Bergamot, Pine Needles, Incense, Amber & Sandalwood.

Another thing I love about the Byredo fragrances as a whole ; they are unusual combinations of scent and are not common AKA no other fucker will be wearing your scent, unless they have impeccable taste.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain 06. I picked this up amongst my haul when I was in Florence a couple of month’s ago. No, the Sephora’s in Europe are NO WHERE near as good as the U.S stores (soz) but I still got some great bits, with this infamous lip cream being the top of my list. I think/assume this is what everyone always raves about and it’s a really great, and long-wearing matte lip colour. I promise you it does not dry your lips (possibly the least-so at of all I have tried) and it stays on for like a week*. This colour is a really pretty pink and I will be stocking up on a few more shades when I am in the U.S next month. My Sephora shopping list is *INSANE*.*like a good few hours without moving.

Chanel Illusion D’ombre ‘Rouge Brulee’. So makeup artist wunder chick Lucia Pica has done an insanely good job in creating the Chanel Les Rouges Collection No.1, I am going to go as far to say I think it is their BEST makeup collection ever. I love so many of the shades and products, and I have always loved red makeup, whether it be for the eyes, lips or cheeks. The Rouge Brulee cream shadow is such a great shade and I think if you are to pick up anything form this collection, this is that one product ; hues of copper, a touch of subtle shimmer, and shot through with a sea of different glistening pigments, it’s utterly glorious and looks great on ALL eye shades I promise. 

Sunday Riley LUNA Sleeping Oil. I bought this ages ago, probably around when it first launched (gotta love the HYPE) , then I got a little bored with it and stopped using it, and preferred to slather myself in her JUNO or ARTEMIS oils. For some reason my skin is loving the LUNA again and I have been using this pretty much every PM for the last 2/3 weeks and my skin is glowing. A great advanced retinol oil that is active, natural, and really gives obsession-worthy radiance to the skin. As you may or may not know, Retinol is pretty much the *only* scientifically proven anti-ageing ingredient that actually really works, so you need something in your skincare with this in it.

Who’s excited about the next Sunday Riley U.F.O oil that is launching in October? That’s another thing on my Sephora list FYI, I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Antipodes Skin Brightening Finishing Powder. A long term favourite of mine and a product I have picked up on again and I am using this for dear life right now to keep my summer sheen @ bay. What I really love about this product is that it doesn’t completely matte the skin, it leaves it with no oil or shine but a subtle layer of brightness and glow – like magic! One of my favourite setting powders ever and this will continue to be in my favourites over the years to come. It is also fragrance-free /organic and suitable for EVERYONE. 

Have you tried any of my current favourites?!