Summer Skin | The Best Skincare for Oily & Combination Skin.


During warmer months, our skin generally produces more oil….yay for some, unless you are like me and already pretty oily on the ol’ face.
Makeup slides off quicker, feels a bit yuckier, and skincare needs to lighten up a bit to ensure I don’t break out ; say hello to some of my favourite summer hydrators ; lightweight hydration without the heavyness or balminess that winter months crave & need.

Chantecaille Bio Lifting Oil Free Fluid

Ok this is on the (super) high-end scale of things, I know that. However it is a pretty phenomenal product if you are oily and need a good high hit of anti-ageing ingredients on your face. Products for oily/combination skin can often be aimed @ younger people, but yes they ARE some of us out there who are old AF yet still have an oily and breakout skin. Over the last 2/3 years this has improved but in all honestly a LOT of brands do not cater for this skintype. Chantecaille have does this for a long time and have done it very well ; forget your La Mer, Sisley blah-de-blah…Chantecialle is where it’s @ for high end/ luxury skincare.

Enough gabble ; this is an oil-free, lightweight, mattifying fluid that is infused with botanicals that combat humidity whilst restoring the density and elasticity in the skin. It contains Coffee Stem Cell extract, Plantago Stem Cell, Raspberry Stem Cell extract, Peony Root Extract, Matrixyl 3000, Hexapeptides, a huge bunch of flower waxes and all this is encapsulated in a pure rosewater base. PHEW. Insanely good & worth the £230 pricetag.

Embroylisse Hydra-Mat Emulsion 

A makeup artist’s secret weapon ; the original Emboylisse is the ONE product that you will consistently see backstage at fashion weeks. This emulsion version is a newer and more lightweight formula that mattifies the skin, absorbs excess oil and tones the skin ; I am asbsolutely loving it during these summer months. Particulary good if you like a more matte and sheen-free finish on your skin or need a good base for an all-day foundation wear. Not an anti-ageing product, this is simply to make the skin look and feel good. The texture is a cooling gel and feels wonderful and fresh on my skin. This would also be a great one for the boys!


KIKO Solar Protect Serum SPF15

An innovative duo-phase serum formula with an SPF15 protection which is why it is great for the summer. It has full UVA/UVB protection with a good dose of key ingredient Hyaluronic Acid that holds water in your skin without weighing it down or feeling greasy. I love it because it gives my skin a really nice glow without making it oily or overly shiny, and sits well under any makeup/base I have tried it with. I’ve used this many-a-times simply on it’s own and it has left my skin with enough hydration without having to use ANYTHING else, making the morning routine a hella lot quicker! This is currently 30% on the KIKO website.

Omorovicza Illuminating Moistursier

OK so this product isn’t necessarily aimed at a combination/ oily skin. It just works for me and I find once I apply this my skin looks instantly smoother and imperfections blur away with the addition of *magic* ingredient Ruby Crystal. I must admit, I initially purchased this solely based on the fact that is said illuminating on the box…you know I am a sucker for that skin glow, and it really does give you a lovely sheen on the skin BUT it definitely isn’t overly thick or rich and hasn’t given me any breakouts. All Omorovicza products are made with the inclusion of Hungarian Thermal Water which nourishes & infuses the skin with natural minerals and vitamins. If you are on the far end of the oily-skinned spectrum, then this may not be for you as it is a little heavier than the others products I have suggested here.

 Antipodes Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream

If you prefer a more natural and clean approach to skincare, then look no further than the Antipodes Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream if you want something to keep your skin balanced in humidity. This is a wonderfully gentle and clean daily moisturiser that contains skin-loving avocado oil, anti-bacterial manuka flower oil & vanilla pod makes is smell sumptuos. I use this winter-summer as it’s not super-light or too heavy, it has a lovely balance ; one that my clients ALWAYS ask me about and want to know what it is as this cream makes your skin feel instantly good, comfortable & nourished. Just because this skin cream is organic, doesn’t mean it isn’t active/ anti-ageing (I agree a lot of them aren’t..) ; this is scientifically proven to increase synthesis in collagen production by 59%.

Do you find your skin oilier during the warmer months? What are your favourite skincare products that are lighter on your skin?