Makeup Revolution | Flawless Matte 2 Eyeshadow Palette.

It’s been a while since I have tried anything new from Makeup Revolution and when the Flawless Matte 2 palette landed on my doorstep (thanks guys!) a few weeks ago I was instantly interested as I love matte eye colours and these shades are REALLY pretty and totally up my street. I never tried the original Flawless Matte palette but from seeing pictures I can see it is a very nude/neutral & wearable palette ; with lots of beiges, browns, charcoals and pinks. The newer version is more interesting for sure and is a great 32-palette combination of nudes/pinks/plums/browns/reds & charcoals.

What actually excited me most about this palette, and perhaps not for all, are the shades of reds & oranges which I am totally obsessed with. Now, these aren’t shades I would probably wear solo but these colours are not to be overlooked, think of them as warming up shades, socket blenders and they are insanely good on a blue/green eye to bring out the colour. They look insane over the top and mixed in with the deeper brown tones in this palette.

The quality of the shadows is good and you get a really nice mix of shades for just £8. No, they are not of NARS quality but they are really very good for what you pay for. I always suggest these kind of budget palettes for those who want to experiment with colour on occasion. They are, as expected, all matte shades, with some actually swatching A LOT more pigmented than others ; a few of the paler tones were quite washy yet I found the reds/oranges to be really great and all the browns I used, bar 1, were really easy to apply and blend.

I wacked together a quick look with the palette, something that I would wear in the evening and sticking to the shades that I like ; warm browns reds and oranges. I find this kind of eye works well with a nice nude lip as much as a really deep, vivid lip. The 5 eyeshadows I used are the ones swatched above : Notch, Vintage, Beauty, Final & Ripe. The darker lip shade I have on below is the Makeup Revolution Lip Laquer in ‘Vamp’.


What do you think about this palette? A sure winner for just £8. I wonder if they will bring out a number 3…