Skin Pampering : The Ultimate Body Oil Edit

I, for one, am prone  to neglecting my body over the winter months
and then as soon as it’s time to get the skirts, shorts and bikinis on, I
am in a flurry to get everything looking tip-top and summer ready in a

  Nothing can nourish and repair your skin quite like a body oil ; Formulas that sink into the skin without residue and work deep down will leave your skin nourished, plump & soothed with a wonderful glossy sheen. I have hand-picked a few of my favourites currently sitting on my shelf with a price range from £7 to £70.

For a really deep, intensive treatment when you need a quick turnaround on scaly skin, then give yourself a quick exfoliation with a scrub in the shower. When your skin is still damp when you get out, apply your body oil of choice all over, and follow with a lovely, rich body butter which will really lock in the hydration and give a double-pronged attack on dryness and dehydration. I try and do this at least once a week.

 Best for Tone &amp Texture: MIO The Activist Active Body Oil (£29.50) This contains essential oils for firming and detoxing the skin. I always, always have this in my gym bag (haven’t been for months but hey) and it’s the perfect one for post-workout or just when you want to give your skin a hard-working and stimulating body oil. This one is also great for scarring and stretchmarks.

  Best for Relaxation: Trilogy Aromatic Body Oil (£16.50) This is a really lovely aromatic body oil that smells like a spa in a bottle. Every time I use this my skin and mind just feels really pampered and relaxed. I like to use this before bed time a couple of times a week, so have been keeping this one by my bed. It also doubles up as a massage oil, so for ultimate relaxation get your loved one to apply this on the legs/back & shoulders for a relaxing rub!

 Best for Serious Dryness: Antipodes Heavenly Body Oil (£24) This has the equlivalent of 8 Avocados in EVERY bottle, so is absolutely packed full of fatty acids and essential nutrients for the skin.One of my favourite body oils ever and with this I get results really quicky and it completely cocoons your body in hydration. Comes with a dropper like a serum so you can drop it into your body cream to give it an oily boost or use it straight onto the skin. It’s also completely organic.

Best Multi-Tasker: Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour All Over Miracle Oil (£29) The infamous 8-hour formula from Elizabeth Arden now comes in a body oil formula that can be pretty much used anywhere and everywhere. I think this is a handy one for holidays as it comes in a spray formula/ plastic 100ml bottle which makes it just more travel & user-friendly. Key ingredient Tsubaki oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-redness so also a great aftersun  

(NOTE: NOT for during sun!!….unless you are Donatella Versace).

 Best for Anti-Ageing: Tata Harper Revitalising Body Oil (£72) A serious & luxurious body oil loaded with 14 high-perfomance ingredients including alfafa extract, essential fatty acids, arnica extract & vitamins to revitalise and protect the skin. It helps increase microcirculation and improves oxygenation and with prolonged use of this your skin will just absolutely glow. A big splurge but I got this in my huge Sephora Haul so was a little kinder with the £-$ exchange.

Best Budget Buy: Senspa Nourishing Bath & Body Oil (£7.95) A great affordable oil that not only is really aromatic with oils including Jasmine, Argan, Cedarwood & Ylang essential oils, but costs a fraction of the cost of most. This does the trick for hydrating my skin, and I like the fact you can use this in the bath when you are in need of a pamper and a good oily soak.

 How have you been prepping your skin for getting it back out on show?! Also reminds me I *really* need to get a pedicure before the trotters comes out in sandals 😐