New Makeup | KIKO Limited Edition Trend Collection

I can hardly keep up with all the beautiful ranges that KIKO are coming up with at the moment ; the latest to hit the makeup shelves is the Summer 2016 KIKO Trend Collection. Limited edition, beautifully packaged and with a touch of luxe, this range is inspired by the passion for travel. I think the first thing you will notice is the gorgeoius packaging (KIKO have been getting it SO right lately!) ; this has been designed to be perfectly portable, accessible and reflects KIKO’s essence…elegance, sensuality & feminity.

 As usual there is an abundance of products in the range including bronzers, highlighters, foundation, blushers and colour. All within a really affordable price range, starting at £8.90, and if you are yet to indulge in anything KIKO then here are a few of my favourites from the collection – you must try!

Desert Moon highlighter

Old school format and still really effective. This tub of pearlescent baked balls of highlighter is mixed by 3 shades to give a wonderful ethereal finish. These are super soft and give a really good payoff – just be careful not to drop these on the floor!

Desert Dunes Baked Bronzer

A jumbo baked bronzer that is one I have seen before in other collections previously but they have sneaked it back into this collection, which I am not moaning about because I loved this originally. It has 2 shades of colour merged together to ensure a natural colour on the skin, rather than a flat block of one shade. Has a slight glow to it, but very subtle. I have the 100 Warm Melange which is the paler of the two shades in the collection and unless you really like a super warm bronze/ essex glow then this is a really safe one to go with.

Heatwave Lip Oil

I have already raved about this in my Monthly Favourites. I love the gorgeous packaging and it is the most gentle hue of pink and a lovely finish on my lips. A gloss-balm hybrid and this is constantly in my handbag at the moment.


What are your favourite KIKO products?!
Have you tried anything from this latest range?