Brand Discovery : Shiffa Beauty.

Shiffa is an out and out Luxury brand. Born in Dubai and created by Dr. Lamees Hamdan using only the finest, organic and most potent ingredients. 

The philosophy of Shiffa Skincare is all about healing and well-being and she started her skincare line by hand mixing oils and other ingredients in her infamous pregnancy oil…which was not only her first product in the range, but also possibly the most well-known due to it’s huge base of celebrity fans including Kim Kardashian. From the pregancy oil and other  body treats, came a full and comprehensive line of skincare that ticks all of the discerning needs of the modern-day woman/man and I have hand-picked a couple of my favourite products to introduce to you.

Healing Balm ; The ultimate multi purpose skin savvy balm. This is rich in key ingredients Anrica, Lavender & Chamomile, St John’s Wort, Rosemary, Mango Butter, Avocado Oil & Evening Primrose which makes it healing, soothing, nourishing, hydrating, antiseptic and aromatic. St John’s Wort is used to treat minor sunburn, abrasions and bruising. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is great for soothing burnt or irritated skin. You can use this balm anywhere on the face or body, and it’s also safe for babies (nappy rash, cradle cap etc), because of the really rich, oily texture I don’t really use this anywhere on my face except my lips as I’m pretty sure the super concentrate of potent oils would break me out. However this is a great PM hand & cuticle balm for me and a trust travel companion to save me packing 8 products, I can just use this. This balm is VERY aromatic and has a strong (natural) scent.

The packaging on the Shiffa skincare is really cute ; small hand-ribboned boxes that completely open out so you can read the secret message within..

Shiffa do only 2 face moisturisers and the White Tea Moisturiser one is targeted more for a normal-combination skin so is perfect for me. The thing I like about this particular cream is that is still has a nice texture to it and really feels like a gorgeous, rich cream, but somehow leaves your skin not feeling greasy or tacky. Even though I have combination skin, I still like my creams to have some oomph and texture in them as it just makes my skin feel supple and lovely. If there is too much oil/shea butter though I seem to breakout after a few days but this has a perfect balance and it has the most wonderful delicate smell.

We cannot talk Shiffa without mentioning their ‘Signature’ Rose Bliss Body balm, which if you HAVE heard of this brand, it could be possibly because of this. A huge tub of concentrated rare oils that form a precious and rich balm to be applied all over the body. It is layered with dried roses in the pot as that is one of the key ingredients ; Iranian Rose Oil, which is the most expensive of oils. Packed into this giant glorious tub alongside the Iranian Rose is Moroccan Argan Oil, Honey, Mango Butter, Rose Damask, Jasmine, Sandalwood & Shea Butter. Not only is this absolutely beautiful but it costs an eye-watering and slightly wince-worthy £265.O. M. G. The ultimate skincare luxury.

Have you heard of Shiffa Skincare before?