NYX Makeup Mini Haul & Re-Discovery.

NYX is a brand that I discovered quite a few years ago and liked it for a budget makeup brand. It didn’t WOW me hugely, and didn’t offend me either….it was just a good, run-of-the-mill makeup line that I had a few lip creams of (LOVE!), eyeshadow palettes and other miscellanous bits. Throwback to IMATS 2 years ago. And amongst the carnage of stands there was a Que. This Que pretty much quadrupled any other stands that were showcasing at the makeup trade show, and curled round the other stalls for a good 40 metres, relentlessly ALL  DAY LONG. This was the NYX stand and I was literally like ‘WTF is going on here, why are all these bitches so crazy for this brand?!’ Anyway, fast forward to today and I have only really stayed using their Shine Killer primer which I love for my special occasion makeup.

I was passing through Selfridges the other day, which if you didn’t know is my FAVOURITE store to shop in in London and I love the Wonder room for the smaller, niche beauty brands. I have no idea how long they have had a NYX stand but I spotted it and stopped to have a little play and swatch (whilst trying to elbow away the overly-contoured teens to my left and right). I came away with a handful of products, although I wanted 3 more but they were out of stock, or at least I assume so, as there was no-one to ask on the day I went in.

Shine Killer Primer. A re-purchase as I was very low on my old one and I really like this for the occasions when I go OUT-OUT / weddings / events where I just need my face to stay on. I reviewed this recently along with other favourite makeup primers.

Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator ‘Sunbeam’.A NARS Copacabana illuminator dupe if I ever did see one, and someone stole mine recently, or it grew legs and walked out of my kit. This NYX one is it’s (much cheaper) replacement for the time. No glitter and a nice ethereal/sheer finish which you can build up if required. Perfect to dollop in with your base for added GLOW.

HD Concealer.I’m a big fan of these creamy concealer formulas (favourites include Estee Lauder DoubleWear concealer, By Terry Densillis concealer, NARS radiant creamy concealer) and this appears to be similar, but costs just £5.50. There were no testers of this on counter so I just picked up the CW03 Light shade which is actually quite deceiving as it’s quite a peachy tone but perfect for correcting and concealing under my eye area although a little dark for blemishes in my current pale state. Gives a lovely smooth finish..So far i’m liking.

Liquid Suede Cream lipstick ‘Stone Fox’.Ah Instagram, you do make me do crazy things. Me at the counter ‘Yeah…YEAH, I can pull this colour off, of course I can.’ *Gets home and tries it one and realises, no. No I cannot pull this colour off, what the f*ck were youy thinking, Laura, as I skulk off to my micellar water*

These lip colours are very popular at the moment and they do an array of gorgeous, weird and wonderful shades. I wanted a couple more but they were sold out. Although the colour is not quite right for me (although I WILL be trying it again and forcing it somehow to work) the textures are great, they apply easily and my god the pigment is strong. Will defo be buying more shades of these.

 Have you dipped into the NYX craze yet? What else is good?