DHC Newness | Beauty Lift Range.

My favourite Japanese beauty brand DHC are soon to launch a new line of skincare into their already comprehensive range called The Beauty Lift series. 4 new products sit within this range which as suggested in the name is all about firming and lifting the skin.

What is slightly different (& welcomed in my opinion) in this firming range of skincare, is that it isn’t your usually gravity-defyingly weighty and rich, thick creams and potions ; DHC wanted lovely light textures and silky formulas so all skintypes can use them.

Beauty Lift Lotion. A soothing toner that is also anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory in nature. Not your typical astringent / pore tightening toner, this gel-textured lotion is infused with Oat Kernel & peptides that nourish and hydrate the skin ; a perfect prep before your serum/ moisturiser. This actually reminds me of the Phyto Black Toner from Shu Uemura which is one of my favourites! No stinging feeling or alcohol, it’s bordering on being like a serum-treatment that you swatch on with a cotton pad.

Beauty Lift Essence. A serum to hydrate, reduce fine lines and lift/firm lacklustre and aged skin. It has a wonderful silky soft texture and very lightweight/watery in feel. Contains Oat Kernel, Olive Oil & a blend of peptides & botanicals to do fancy things to the skin.

Beauty Lift Milk. The moistursier for those with a more combination-oily skin. Like I said, so many of these firming/lifting creams are solely for dry skin, and not everyone of a certain age HAS dry skin, so it’s great to have options and lighter formulas which are still targeting these signs. This lightweight cream/emulsion contains Pentapeptide-18 & Oat Kernel to provide both anti-ageing/firming/lifting properties alongside soothing and hydration. Oil-free formula but contains Sodium Hyaluronate (kinda basically Hyaluronic Acid but lower moelcule size so better absorbed) so hold lots of hydration in the skin.

Beauty Lift Cream. The richer sidekick to the above moisturiser. Could be used in combination as your nightcream if you like something more emollient, or if you have more normal-dry-dehydrated skin then this is your AM & PM face moisturiser. Does all of the above except simply a richer formula as it contains Olive Oil.

This Beauty Lift range is available exclusively on the DHC website currently and launches everywhere else on March 1st. Prices start from £34 BUT the full range is on sale with a 20% discount on the DHC website until tomorrow, 29th Feb. You also need to pick up *that* liquid eyeliner.