My Beauty Fails of 2015.

It’s not an entirely neggy post, just products that simply do not work for me. That’s the beauty of choice….not everything is for everyone and what works for one does not work for another. I am not one of those people who rants if something does not work for me ; reactions happen, our skin is different and reacts differently to ingredients.

Some of these are new-ish products others are just things I tried/purchased last year.

MUA Luxe Bronze & Sculpt
The first product I think from MUA that hasn’t been great. I think also with these budget brands, you are a little bit more lax in the criticism because of the price tag, but when it really does nothing for you, even £5 is a bit of a wasteful spend. This is a highlight and contour duo and I chose the darker of the 2 shades ; The bronzer/contour is VERY orange in tone so may work as a bronzer at best on my skin but not as a contour. The highlighter just seems to have no payoff and almost a little grainy in texture, plus the colour seems a little too silvery for a more tan/deeper tone which is who must be tailored to being the darker of the 2 shades. 

The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream
really like the colour and finish of this, but it ROLLSSSSS on my skin
70% of the time. When it doesn’t, it’s beautiful and I keep trying it to
give it another go but it will just go patchy over my skincare.
Different skincare combinations too. I am not sure what it’s not working
with as I change up my serum/ moistursier combinations around 3 times a
week depending on how my skin is feeling but it shouldn’t be like this.
I am tempted to buy and try another one as perhaps this was a bad

 By Terry Densillis foundation.
A hugely hyped foundation in the blogging world and not a new product by any means, however I had never *properly* tried it on my own skin until recently. It’s not a bad foundation…at all ; it has a decent coverage and isn’t terry-ble (lol), it just somehow made my oily/combo skin look a bit flat and dry, not quite akin to all the wondrous (bordering on ridiculous) claims that surround this foundation. It’s hugely focused on being a anti-wrinkle serum and foundation hybrid, so for these wonderful ingredients to make a difference, I assume this has to be worn daily on a reasonably longterm basis. I don’t like to just wear ONE foundation day-in-day-out, I like to change between a few so my skin would not see this supposed benefits. It is loaded with silicone (& heavy on the fragrance FYI) and I do like a touch of silicone to smooth my skin but this felt like too much on my skin.
I just cannot justify the £76 pricetag for this product for myself personally, and I will be sticking to my Cover Expert from them which is a great foundation.

Algenist Genius Ultimate Anti-Ageing Vitamin C+ Serum
This is a relatively new serum to Algenist and it just did nothing for my skin. I have tried a few things from this range and really liked them (the algae mask & the Triple-Action polish are great for me) but this just dissapointed me. It sounded like it would be really good for me with the blurb and ingredients but it just didn’t seem to make any noticeable changes after a few weeks of use and also felt a little silcone-y and thick on my skin for a serum.

Emma Hardie Night Cream
I was given this by a pal, so don’t feel miffed at the waste of money, just as I LOVE her Moringa cleansing balm so much I was hoping for her other bits to be just as effective on my skin. This is just not suited to my skin, and broke me out a bit. Also, the packaging (as with a few of her other bits!) seems to break apart and leak. I’ve just seen that it’s not available online currently so maybe they are re-formulating it or re-packaging.

Fudge Urban Hair Art Spray
I bought this on a last-minute dash as I was en route to an event and I think I had noticed I had a really bright blonde patch in my otherwise pastel-lilac hair. I love the Superdrug hair chalks which I use normally for this, but I could only find a boots and these sounded/looked like they would work in a similar way. Just would not work for me ; didn’t seem to spray much/any colour on and after I had applied it made my hair really over-textured and knotty.

Trish McEvoy Lash Curling Mascara
I just found this mascara too gloopy and it was messy to apply. A shame as this is one of her signature/ hero products that I see having great reviews. It’s the ‘tube’ type mascara that coats individual lashes which I normally like (think Kevyn Aucoin Volume Mascara / Kanebo 38 degree / Blinc etc) and it DID the job in terms of longwear and no smudging but as you can see from the photo, it just came out in a blob on the wand.

Wet N’ Wild Max Volume Plus Mascara
A purchase in America that wasn’t an expensive mistake as this only costs a few bucks but it just did nothing for my lashes. I found it really difficult to build up and get any volume which is a shame considering that’s it key selling point. It also was more of a dark gey colour as opposed to black (I bought black) and seemed to be almost dry as soon as I opened it. No MAX volume here fam.

Wet N’ Wild H20 Proof Eyeliner
Eek. A second disappointment from the same brand, and one that had been highly recommended to me. I liked the sound of this waterproof eyeliner and more-so this deliciously looking brown colour. However, on first application I could tell it just was never going to work for me, it has a really watery translucent consistency so you can’t get a decent or bold line with it , plus is stung my eyes.

Eve Lom Brilliant Cover Concealer SPF15
Some people really rave about this. Not for me. I found the consistency really waxy and greasy, akin to a really cheap, chemical-riddled £2 drugstore concealer, but this costs £30. I have tried it a few times, and under the eyes (it’s more a face concealer, granted) but on my face/blemishes/redness it just slides off and makes my skin super oily and I’m sure made my blemishes worse. I could really feel it on my skin during the day and couldn’t wait to take it off at the end of the day.

NARS audacious mascara.
*Not in the snap as I gave this to a pal after I tried it*
I had big hopes for this as I never really loved their original mascaras (volumising and lengthening ones) so thought this could finally be ‘THE ONE’ for me. It had a really good blurb and everything sounded right…I like a silicone wand, a build able formula and a mascara that promises both length and volume.However, on first application I
really tried to build and build to get some kind of volume and it just
wouldn’t give me ANYTHING, no matter how many layers I applied.

Have you used any of the above with differing results? What were your product fails last year?