KIKO Makeup Brushes | Cosmic Starlets Swirly Brush Set.

The latest KIKO collection which came out over the Christmas period was ‘Cosmic Starlets’ and for me it was one of the less-exciting ranges they have done, although following on from one of the best (in my opinion) launches the ‘Rebel Romantic’ was never going to be an easy assignment. There was a few really great products that I loved, including this 5-piece brush set but I just found the packaging a little bit too 80’s and dated for the most-part of the makeup range.

This Cosmic Starlets Swirly Brush set is really cute and for me, it’s the perfect travel set to take away as the brushes have relatively short handles. The brush hairs have differing lengths to give the ‘swirly’ effects that I have actually never seen on brushes before. This feature isn’t in any way going to enhance or better your makeup application, it’s just for effect, but they do look really eye-catching and unusual! These aren’t brushes that are going to be makeup artist *pro kit must-haves* but they are really fun and they are also a really good price, currently £31.40 in the sale.

You get x 5 brushes, all synthetic hair and they are a relatively short handle hence why I like them for a travel-type brush. There is a face powder/bronzer brush, blusher brush, a slanted foundation/buff brush, a flat concealer/eye brush and an eyeliner brush.

Did you get anything from this KIKO collection? What did you think?