How to Stay Organised as a Blogger.

This is just a little something I thought I would write to maybe help those of you that struggle with the whole blog vs life balance. Perhaps you are starting up a blog and are feeling completely overhwhelmed with how much us dumb lipstick-swatching bitches have to do? Maybe you have been blogging a while and all of a sudden it’s becoming a little overbearing on your sanity?(We’ve all been there) I am not saying this are the things you HAVE to do, it’s just from my experience, as a blogger who has been doing this a good number of years, these may be some handy tips to adopt. Also, I would love to hear any good ideas and things you do to keep your blog life organised and in balance, because blimey, I often struggle myself!


I just counted up my notepads….and I have 18 in the first tally, but there is likely more to be hidden around my house. I keep them scattered all over the place ; next to my laptop/working space, in my makeup room, next to the bed and always in my handbag. Anytime you get an idea ; big or small….jot it down! It may result in nothing but it’s good to gather your thoughts & inspirations. I spend so much of my time on the tube and I get so many ideas for posts when I am just sat there on my own and listening to music. BTW I don’t use ALL of my notepads as this would kind of defeat the object of being organised having all thes notebooks with etchings and ideas, I use around 4 of them and for slightly different things ; and one ‘main’ one for the final proper ideas and blog listings.


In notebooks from the above. This is how I can keep on top of what I need to write about and when I want to post them. Now I usually do a 1-page monthly overview of what I will want to do on my blog..and realistically this never gets ALL done but the plan and structure is there. I will then also break down lists into smaller, daily *To Do’s* such as what drafts I want to do and what photo’s I need to take. As a blogger you get sent a fair bit of things, and I would hate to think something just gets out aside and forgotten about ; I write down everything I receive, be it at an event/launch or directly from a PR so nothing is forgotten. I also think , and I KNOW that if you are a blogger reading this you will agree, that my mind is constantly on the go and slightly scrambled with beauty blog VS everyday life & work… writing down ‘to do’ lists if effectively takes it from your mind and places it elsewhere so you are a little more calm. ish.


Links in with above. Plan your week and schedule your posts. I often spend 1 day a week writing all the content & links and then 1/2 a day taking all the photos for that week. I then will schedule my posts accordingly (I try to do them every other day in the week @ 7am) so no matter where I am  or what I am doing for my makeup work, I know content is going live without me having to do ‘anything’.  I also am mindful about mixing up content and topics for that week. I won’t do 3 foundation reviews in one week or all skincare reviews. I like to mix it up and throw in a makeup look/how-to when I can. Variety (I think!?) keeps it interesting for your readers.Schedule your tweets to coincide with your blog posts ; this is something I also personally need to do and am looking into at the moment. So when you are at work/busy with life, you don’t have to keep reminding yourself (or forgetting) to promote your latest post via social media.


We haven’t all got pinterest-perfect blogging offices with white marble and flowers everywhere unfortunately but try and work with what room you have at home and make a little area to keep your blog things ; laptop, camera stuff, notepads, stationary etc. I have made a teeny space in the corner of my makeup room (ok I sound pretty lucky here, but my makeup room is simply a small room in my house where I keep my makeup kits & products for my work), where I have set up a small desk to work from without clutter & distraction. Granted, I spend most of my time blogging in front of my TV in the lounge whilst finding out who ‘A’ is on Pretty Little Liars, but I do try.


The best way to feel scatty and unorganised with your blog is to set unrealistic goals for the day/week/month. I write a monthly  ‘to-do’ and I don’t often 100% get it done, sometimes not even half of it, but I don’t beat myself about it and you shouldn’t either. I would love to post every single day but I also work full-time so this is phsically impossible, especially as my job is never near an office or a laptop. It’s way better for your mindset and your readers to deliver x2 good quality posts a week than 7 half-assed ones. Know your time limits with your blog and what you can put into it ; maybe you can do 1 day a month on photo’s and 2 on text and content? That’s fine, just don’t think you can do 30 posts every month and you will keep your sanity.


It’s hard to say no to events when you are starting off or even a more established blogger ; you are always worried of ‘missing out’, oppurtunities and of course, networking with PR’s and fellow bloggers. However, events can take up a big ol’ portion of your day (sometimes around 3 hours+ with travel) and if you have been working all day and then are going to events that will cancel out your oppurtunity for blogging that day. I wish I could go to every event/launch but sometimes you just have to say NO, even if it’s to rest up and chill at home with your cat. Exhaustion and over-exhertion is never good for the mind or body.

Have you got any tips for keeping on top of your blogging life?